Written by: Kelly Meade (04/14/23)

Elevation Rhythm is a youthful, modern worship collective geared towards reaching teens & young adults with the life-changing message of God’s love in a way that is real and relatable. Their latest release, This Is The Gospel, accomplishes that with 7 all-new tracks.

“Good News” is an interesting, ear catching way to start the collection as it presents the gospel with a combination of spoken word and various sound effects.

With a style that could be compared to a rally song at a sporting event, “Praises” boldly declares a desire to praise God through everything even though it may go against the “norm”. Using your voice to share God’s love and point others to Him is what we were created for.

“Wind Of Love” changes things up with a song that has a much more calming feel as it tells of trusting in the Lord as you take a step into the unknown. With our Heavenly Father by our side, the fears we may have about life, our future and anything else; we can rely on His guidance to carry us to where we’re meant to be.

Title track, “This Is The Gospel”, draws listeners to the path of salvation with a rhythmic, upbeat musical backdrop that is both fun and uplifting while being rooted in truth.

“You Will Be Saved” is definitely a highlight that ties the entire project together with a beautiful, piano-driven song. Its lyrics are all about accepting Jesus as your Savior and the simple, yet most important decision you can make by choosing to believe and follow Him.

This Is The Gospel shines a light of hope into a generation that desperately needs to hear what these songs have to say. Elevation Rhythm’s eclectic sound and genre-blending tracks featured on this project certainly offers something for everyone and is an EP that all ages can enjoy with a heart open to what God wants to do in their lives.


Released: April 14, 2023

Label: Elevation Worship Records

Track Listing:

1. Good News (1:45)
2. PRAISES (2:48)
3. Wind Of Love (ELEVATION RHYTHM & Joe L. Barnes) (4:54)
4. Streetlights (2:16)
5. This Is The Gospel (ELEVATION RHYTHM & Joe L. Barnes) (5:06)
6. Purify (ELEVATION RHYTHM & Elizabeth Rosa) (5:07)
7. You Will Be Saved (6:15)

7 Tracks, 28:00

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