Written by: Kelly Meade (10/12/21)

The latest chapter in the God’s Not Dead film series, God’s Not Dead: We The People, tells a timely story that everyone should see as it tackles not only the freedoms of parents and how they educate their children, but also the attacks on the principles the United States was founded on.

This fourth installment finds Reverend Dave Hill leading a homeschool co-op’s theology lesson only to be interrupted by a surprise visit from a social worker who is concerned with what the children are learning. This leads to a series of events that take Reverend Dave and parents of three homeschoolers to Washington DC to appear in front of Congress and speak out against a bill that would have a devastating effect on homeschooling across the nation.

With seemingly only one person in Congress on their side, the hearing unfolds as the proponents of this bill pose questions about why the children are learning from the Bible as a text book – even though that is only one part of the curiculum that they are studying everyday. They challenge Reverend Dave with theological questions and why the parents are so opposed to public schooling.

Each side makes their case leading to a climactic moment as a character takes a defiant stand in what becomes one of the film’s highlights.

Throughout each of the God’s Not Dead movies, I’ve loved how the stories intertwine and connections emerge in unexpected ways. These connections are at the heart of God’s Not Dead: We The People as viewers are drawn into the characters lives and what the outcome for each of them will be.

I was able to see the film during its limited theatrical showings and the particular theater I attended had a crowd that was very into the movie, applauding during many of the scenes. While it may not be on the big screen now, you can still visit GodsNotDead.com and purchase an online ticket to watch at home and for further release information! Highly encourage you to check out this film if you are able to as it is a must see and the conversations sparked by the message of God’s Not Dead: We The People are worth having!

Cast includes:
David A.R. White as Reverend Dave Hill
Francesca Battistelli as Rebecca McKinnon
Antonio Sabato Jr. as Mike McKinnon
Amanda Jaros as Taylor Hays
Isaiah Washington as Congressman Daryl Smith
Paul Kwo as Martin Yip
Hadeel Sittu as Ayisha Moradi
William Forsythe as Robert Bensen
Jeanine Pirro as Judge Neely


Released: 10/04/21 (Theatrically)

Running Time: 110 Minutes (Pinacle Peak Pictures)

Rated PG for thematic elements, brief violence and an accident scene

Links for God’s Not Dead: We The People:

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