Written by: Kelly Meade (10/12/21)

With the release of their brand new album Wholehearted, We Are Messengers bring songs of God’s unwavering faithfulness and love while not covering up our struggles and questions we have as humans navigating our journey of faith.

Title track, “Wholehearted”, sets the tone with a reminder of our Heavenly Father’s willingness to extend His merciful grace to us without hesitation when we lay it all at His feet.

The album’s lead single, “Come What May”, is a faith-filled anthem declaring a trust in the steadiness of Jesus through everything we face in life. I love the inclusion of a portion of Psalm 23 in this song. Such an encouragement!

“Million Miles Away” tells the story of someone who finds themselves searching for answers & peace as they struggle with the weight of this world and feeling distant from the Creator. When times like this arise, we must never be afraid to call out to God who will help by giving us His comfort as well as through the people He has placed in our path.

“Keep The Faith” plays next and is the perfect song to follow the previous track as it reaffirms our worth & the hope we have as children of God.

“Close” is definitely a favorite track of mine. The lyrics are a prayer to be drawn closer to our Savior through a painful time believing that He will continue working in the midst of it all and use the heartache for ultimate good either in our lives or allowing our experience to speak into and encourage someone else. We may never know why something happens, but it’s important to remember that there truly is a reason for everything.

“Faith Sees Best In The Dark” is another highlight reminding us that when we feel like things are at their worst, it’s in those times that our faith can be strengthened the most and become even more real to us.

A traditional farewell song, “The Parting Glass”, provides an interesting closure to the album with its peaceful well wish and comforting tones.

From start to finish, the aptly titled Wholehearted covers many aspects of our beliefs as Christians and what it means to be all in with our faith. Each track will connect with listeners in some way as the lyrics keep it real while directing our focus to strengthening our relationship with God. With lead singer Darren Mulligan’s signature vocals and the band’s genre-blending musical sound along with the overall message of the album make Wholehearted one of the best of We Are Messengers’ career thus far and a must listen.


Released: October 15, 2021

Label: Curb | Word Entertainment

Track Listing:

1. Wholehearted (3:02)
2. Come What May (3:21)
3. Now It’s Our Turn (3:08)
4. God You Are (feat. Josh Baldwin) (4:25)
5. Friend Of Sinners (3:22)
6. Millon Miles Away (3:38)
7. Keep The Faith (3:29)
8. Close (3:42)
9. Faith Sees Best In The Dark (3:46)
10. Love Like This (4:18)
11. Holding On (3:37)
12. Parting Glass (2:56)

12 Tracks, 43:00

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