Written by: Kelly Meade (09/03/20)

Jimmy Fortune, Bradley Walker, Mike Rogers & Ben Isaacs have joined together for an album filled with gospel classics and other favorites. Released digitally earlier this year and physically on CD today, the collaboration of Brotherly Love is also available as a live DVD & television performance hosted by Rory Feek.

The title track, “Brotherly Love”, tells of the special bond that brothers share and how it only grows deeper with time. Through fights to the love that brings forgiveness, there’s nothing quite like it.

“Go Rest High on That Mountain” has become a modern day classic that’s familiar to many as it tells of someone who fought a tough battle throughout their life. The words have brought solace to many who’ve lost loved ones over the years. Here, Jimmy Fortune takes the lead as the other men lend their harmonies for a beautiful rendition.

“The Lighthouse” gives glory and thanks to God for the Light of Jesus that helps us keep sight of where our hope and faith come from. No matter how stormy the seas of life get, we can find peace and rest with our trust anchored in Him.

The Don Williams classic “Lord, I Hope This Day Is Good” finds a home on this project with the prayer of a weary person who acknowledges God’s power while expressing their desire for brighter day.

“You’re Only Lonely” closes the album offering comfort and an accepting, dedicated love that is willing to go the distance through life’s ups and downs.

From start to finish, Fortune/Walker/Rogers/Isaacs showcase their harmonies on Brotherly Love with every track. Listening to this project felt quite nostalgic for me as many of these songs I grew up hearing around the house from either my grandparents or through watching classic country music Saturday nights on TV. Each of these men have established themselves in the music world and are very talented in their own right. Getting to hear them together on this record is incredibly special. Whether you are already a fan of one or more of them or are hearing Jimmy, Bradley, Mike and Ben for the first time, as a lover of music you will appreciate this album.

Rating: 3.7/5

Released: September 4, 2020 (on CD & DVD)

Label: Gaither Music Group LLC

Track Listing:

1. Brotherly Love (3:17)
2. Go Rest High on That Mountain (4:12)
3. Love Bug (3:30)
4. The Lighthouse (4:06)
5. Class of ’57 (2:37)
6. Love Will Keep Us Alive (4:14)
7. Man of Constant Sorrow (4:38)
8. I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry (3:41)
9. Lord, I Hope This Day Is Good (3:42)
10. Crying (3:27)
11. Daddy Sang Bass (3:01)
12. Where No One Stands Alone (3:53)
13. You’re Only Lonely (3:54)

13 Tracks, 48:00

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Brotherly Love DVD Track List:

1. Lord, I Hope This Day Is Good
2. Brotherly Love
3. Where No One Stands Alone
4. Daddy Sang Bass
5. Elizabeth
6. Man of Constant Sorrow
7. Lighthouse
8. You’re Only Lonely
9. I’ll Fly Away
10. Love Bug
11. Love Will Keep Us Alive
12. I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry
13. Class of ’57
14. Crying
15. Go Rest High on That Mountain

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