Written by: Brian Hunter (07/27/2018)

If you haven’t heard about Joel Vaughn I encourage you to take a listen ASAP! Joel Vaughn may not be a household name such as Chris Tomlin, but the talent and quality is on the same level. Being a relatively new artist, most had not heard of Joel until his hit single in 2016, “Wide Awake.” Joel’s modern sound fits well in any market and was featured in a song for the film “God’s Not Dead: A Light in Darkness” with the song “Alive in Us.” Joel has a fresh blend of modern pop/R&B/EDM influenced into the music. I would compare Joel to similar artist such as Charlie Puth, One Republic and Andy Grammer from the secular market. This project named Control continues with the modern flare. The 5 song EP truly has top notch quality and of course, a great Christian message.

The project starts off with the single release “Pray It Up.” The song is super catchy with a great message to “Pray It Up and give it up to you” basically letting God take our fears and allow our Lord to do so.

The next song continues upbeat with “On Time.” This track has a very modern sound and a great chord progression.  The song continues with the message of “Pray It Up” informing all of us God is always on time with answering our prayers by God’s design.

The third song, “Settle”, takes a little slower approach but still providing a foot tapping beat throughout.  “Settle” really looks to call us all not to settle and to proclaim the name of Jesus. The chorus states this message simple and upfront “No I won’t give in, no I won’t settle because you fill me up with a fire inside.”

Track four, “Back Where I Started”, remains top quality and very catchy. This song lets us reflect to the time where we first accepted God into our lives and to keep that message even when times become tough.

The project ends with the song “Joy.” As expected from the title it contains a joyful message of knowing our Lord and Savior.  The song emphasizes the pure joy God provides in our everyday lives and how the enemy has no say over the joy of God.

Overall this Control is just fantastic and well worth a listen. This project is very positive; catchy, well produced and just plain fun to experience. Joel’s voice is top notch and smooth, leaving a person with very satisfied ears. Check it out! I know you will not be disappointed!


Released: July 27, 2018

Label: Dream Records

Track Listing:

  1. Pray It Up (3:19)
  2. On Time (2:47)
  3. Settle (3:07)
  4. Back Where I Started (4:02)
  5. Joy (4:19)

5 Tracks, 17:34

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