Jonathan Cain ‘More Like Jesus’

///Jonathan Cain ‘More Like Jesus’

Written by: Kelly Meade (5/3/19)

Jonathan Cain is widely known as a member of legendary rock band Journey and in recent years has found a home in inspirational music releasing albums with a prime focus on faith and developing a closer relationship with God. This theme carries over on his latest album, More Like Jesus.

“Unleashed” sets the tone for the album as it celebrates a freedom from sin and the uninhibited relationship we can have with Jesus as a result of His sacrifice and resurrection; giving us new life through Him.

Title track, “More Like Jesus”, calls on the Holy Spirit to prepare our hearts and souls as we become more like Jesus, reflecting Him in our words and actions. We must also realize that this process will not be without pain and hardships as our Savior experienced these and much more than we can imagine during His time on Earth.

“Love Carries The Cross” tells of finding hope and purpose through belief in Christ and all He has done as we strive to follow in His steps.

“Beautiful in Every Way” offers a glimpse into what a love story written by God with Him at the center of the relationship looks like.

“Unshaken” describes a confident, steadfast belief in the power of God and His promises trusting that He will never leave us to fight a battle on our own.

“For He Has Risen” shares the story of Jesus’ resurrection and the unconditional love that He demonstrated as He fulfilled His purpose redeeming us all through the cross.

With Jonathan’s signature sound and piano driven melodies, More Like Jesus is an album that longtime listeners will appreciate. The messages within the lyrics point in the direction of Christ being the cornerstone of faith and worthy of our trust & praise as we live out the life He has given us.


Released: May 3, 2019

Label: Identity Records/The Fuel Music

Track Listing:

  1. Unleashed (6:07)
  2. More Like Jesus (3:50)
  3. Now Unto Him (4:07)
  4. Tell Your Mountain (3:45)
  5. Kingdom Come Down (5:07)
  6. Love Carries the Cross (4:22)
  7. Beautiful in Every Way (3:55)
  8. Only in the Arms (4:35)
  9. Alive (4:14)
  10. Unshaken (3:53)
  11. Already Victorious (4:05)
  12. Take These Ashes (3:51)
  13. Better Man (3:57)
  14. Remove Every Veil (4:37)
  15. For He Has Risen (5:26)

15 Tracks, 65:00

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