Written by: Kelly Meade (3/20/19)

Accomplished singer/songwriter and former Elevation Worship member Mack Brock is preparing to join Hillsong UNITED on their upcoming 2019 USA tour. The veteran worship leader follows up the critically acclaimed debut, Greater Things, with the release of his latest EP titled, Covered.

“I Am Loved” opens the project with a worshipful ballad recognizing that through every up & down we are never abandoned by God’s unfailing love. It is a love that knows no boundaries and we can rest in the fact that no matter what we can come to our Heavenly Father in prayer.

“After Me” tells of feeling overwhelmed by anxious thoughts and fears but remembering that we have a Savior Who is there with us and will always find a way to break through the mess inside to call us back to the source of our hope & strength.

A prayer of honest vulnerability within “Still In Control” serves to remind us that no matter what we face and how dark life in this world can seem, God is still and always will be in control. He has overcome it all and in Him we have the promise of victory.

“Covered” welcomes the all-surrounding presence of God to consume your heart, mind and spirit until it overflows with the peace and blessings that He desires to lavish on us as we live a life devoted to Him.

Overall, Covered is well produced with Mack’s smooth vocal performances and beautifully arranged music that adds to the message of the tracks. Though only five songs, the EP offers a faith strengthening listening experience that calls hearts toward a loving God as the lyrics shine a light into the gloom & despair threatening to take over our lives.


Released: March 22, 2019

Label: Sparrow Records

Track Listing:

  1. I Am Loved (7:12)
  2. After Me (4:11)
  3. Still In Control (4:57)
  4. King Of Heaven (4:39)
  5. Covered (5:12)

5 Tracks, 26:00

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