Matthew West ‘Brand New’

///Matthew West ‘Brand New’

Matthew West ‘Brand New’

Written by: Kelly Meade (02/11/20)

Matthew West is a fan favorite in Christian music with his upbeat attitude, positive, faith filled anthems as well as deep, heartfelt ballads. The highly anticipated release of his latest album, Brand New, does not disappoint.

After a short intro featuring a chorus of the beloved hymn “Just As I Am”, title track, “Brand New”, begins reminding us that that even when we have felt as though we’ve wandered too far from our Savior and the way we first believed, God’s grace & healing mercy enables us to be made new once more. It is not too late to accept this grace and become a new creation in Christ.

The project’s lead single, “The God Who Stays” tells of how God never gives up on us, never abandons His children and will pursue us in spite of all our flaws, shame and sins even when everyone else has turned their backs. When we believe and place our faith in Him, we are His forever.

“Grace Upon Grace” details the magnificent grace of God that is lavished on us as believers. It is a grace that goes far beyond our ability to fully comprehend it with our human minds.

“Truth Be Told” calls out the fact that so many people rarely share what’s going on inside – their brokenness and struggles, fearing that the truth would scare others away and/or make them appear weak. Instead, they cover it up with an ‘I’m fine’ or ‘it’s nothing’. This can be even more evident in the church on Sunday mornings when everyone puts on their best and a smile when we should feel safest letting down our walls around fellow Christians as opposed to building them higher and stronger. Even if we don’t think there is anyone here on earth we can truly be real with, there is One we can be fully open and honest with and He will welcome us in and listen – our Savior, Jesus.

“Looking Up” describes how we looked up to influential people growing up, whether it’s a parent, relative, other adult or an entertainer of some sort, as well as cultural influences to guide our decisions or fill an empty spot inside. The chorus brings a prayer to always be looking up to God for the answers to our questions, guidance as we journey through life and to help us be examples to those who may be looking up to us.

“Too Young Too Soon” is a heartbreakingly honest look at how things like depression, bullying & exclusion can have a devastating affect leading to outcomes that no one wants a loved one, or themselves, to go through as they lose so much hope that they feel they can’t and shouldn’t go on living. Reach out, be a friend, encourage positive steps that the person is taking to turn things around. And if you’re in that dark place – reach out, hold on, hope will find you again.

“Hope Returns” appropriately follows, with the promise that the light will shine again, pain won’t last forever and there is always morning on the other side of the darkest nights.

“The Man Who Needed Grace” celebrates the new life and God-given grace found in a relationship with Him. This is a fitting closing track as it captures the overall theme of the album.

A hidden track features Matthew and his daughters with a fun, lighthearted tune that is sure to bring a smile to your face.

As a whole, Brand New is hopeful as it focuses on the message of God’s grace and faithfulness that gives us an anchor to cling to in this ever changing, often dark & chaotic world. The lyrical and musical styles that have become Matthew’s signature sound is evident throughout as the songs take you to places of praise, reflective moments and solidifying your identity as a child of God.


Released: February 14, 2020

Label: Provident Label Group LLC

Track Listing:

1. Intro (0:44)
2. Brand New (3:26)
3. What If (3:43)
4. Walking Miracles (3:04)
5. The God Who Stays (3:56)
6. Grace Upon Grace (3:16)
7. Not Today (3:01)
8. Why I Make Christian Music (0:08)
9. Love on the Radio (2:53)
10. Truth Be Told (3:39)
11. The Me You Made (2:53)
12. Looking Up (3:47)
13. Without You (3:02)
14. Too Young Too Soon (3:19)
15. Hope Returns (3:53)
16. The Man Who Needed Grace (5:46)

16 Tracks, 50:00

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