Written by: Laura Chambers (3/15/2024)

If you’re trying to get something done, it’s almost guaranteed you’ll have many alternatives vying for your attention at the same time. (Just try writing a music review while you’ve got Internet access, for instance!) How can we tune out the distractions and focus on the most important voice of all? Meredith Andrews turns the dial towards the word and worship of God, inviting us to remain tuned in to Heaven’s Frequency.

First off, “Let Everything”, in which Andrews and guest Patrick Mayberry joyfully leads a procession of worshippers into God’s presence to praise Him. The song expresses a desire to come to Him with holy motivation and a singular focus. You can feel excitement and devotion pulsing throughout the song.

“Always Do” declares with certainty that God has always been and will always continue to be with us. He continually fights for us, no matter what we’re up against. There is no trouble He cannot overcome. Silence your fears and doubts by listening to this song.

“The Lamb, The Lion, The King” tells the story of Christ’s sacrifice for us. He is the slain lamb, the roaring lion, and the conquering king all in one. Meredith looks back at the cross and the grave, then forward to Christ’s victorious return in this triumphant celebration of worship.

“No Weapon” draws us into the shelter of God’s promises to protect us from danger and restore what was taken from us. He is greater than any danger which may befall us. We are covered by His blood; there is power when we take hold of His promises. Andrews lingers on this track, repeating the promises and truths until they sink in.

Next, Andrews rejoices that God is a “Safe Place” to find shelter in the middle of a crazy, disjointed, broken, ever-changing world. It is a place of belonging, stability, and redemption, a home for our troubled hearts.

“Over And Over” takes a moment for retrospection, recalling the many times God has proven Himself faithful. Andrews then opens her heart up to hear His voice. She knows that He is deserving of worship for more reasons than she can keep track of, and can do nothing less than give Him glory.

“Heaven’s Frequency” recognizes God’s presence and influence. Andrews resolves to magnify Him in the spirit of King David, whose unashamed worship had the power to drive out demons and conquer armies.

“What He’s Done” shows us all that Jesus has accomplished and encourages us to rejoice in His victories. We can share in them by accepting His offer of forgiveness and redemption and pouring out our praise in return. What else can we do, when we know what He has done and consider what is to come?

“One Word” proclaims the power God has to speak change in the universe. All it takes is a word from Him and the impossible happens, however far down the road to disaster we happen to be.

“Yeshua (Holy)” closes the album by returning to the feet of Jesus, who alone is holy and worthy of our praise. Andrews reminds us that our Savior is all-powerful and our only source of hope. It is His name we echo after other words are silent.

Looking for a way to ease your burdens and reset your mindset? Heaven’s Frequency draws our attention towards Jesus, who alone can silence cares and overshadow interruptions. Meredith Andrews reassures listeners that our God is triumphant and holy. When we focus on Him, nothing can destroy our faith.


Released: March 22, 2024

Label: Word / Curb Records

Track Listing:

  1. Let Everything (4:06)
  2. Always Do (3:28)
  3. The Lamb, The Lion, The King (4:43)
  4. No Weapon (10:18)
  5. Safe Place (5:22)
  6. Over and Over (9:20)
  7. Heaven’s Frequency (4:40)
  8. What’s He’s Done (6:50)
  9. One Word (7:03)
  10. Yeshua (Holy) (8:50)

10 Tracks, 64:40

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