Written by: Kelly Meade (01/21/21)

Newsboys & Zealand member Phil Joel showcases his individual style with the release of his new solo EP, Better Than I Found It. Phil spent part of his time at home in 2020 recording and producing this project all on his own. Many of the songs reflect themes that have been making headlines as world events unfold.

The throwback vibe of “Better Than I Found It” opens the EP with lyrics that encourage us to be mindful of our presence here on earth and how we’re treating the people as well as every other part of creation God put on this planet for us to share our lives with. We can all do our part to make even a small corner of the world a better place through our words & actions.

“In This Together” is a call for unity as we strive to overcome differences and try to find the common ground as God’s children.

“Sailing Speed” tells of taking time to slow down and enjoy the blessings in life. So many times we let the hustle & bustle complicate the act of living as we fight to keep up with everything we think we “need” to do instead of soaking in the moment of the goodness surrounding us.

“Alright” sums up the EP appropriately as the track carries a ‘love conquers all’ message. Definitely a highlight of the project as it also includes spoken words from John F. Kennedy & Martin Luther King Jr..

In many ways, Better Than I Found It is a very timely release. The songs inspire listeners to process the past year and contemplate how you want to live moving forward. Remembering the purpose God created us for is an overarching theme encouraging us to turn back to the basics and roots of our faith. You can always count on Phil Joel to deliver a fresh perspective in a creative way and this project certainly achieves that!


Released: January 22, 2021

Label: Deliberate People

Track Listing:

  1. Better Than I Found It (2:36)
  2. In This Together (3:21)
  3. Sailing Speed (2:40)
  4. Remember Your Name (4:00)
  5. Other Side (3:53)
  6. Airight (4:07)

6 Tracks, 21:00

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