Written by: Kelly Meade (04/27/23)

Point Of Grace return with their new album, Turn Your Eyes (Songs We Love, Songs You Know) Vol. II filled with familiar favorites that the trio has made their own. This collection is the much anticipated continuation of the acclaimed 2015 release, Directions Home (Songs We Love, Songs You Know) Vol. I.

One of two originals featured on the album, “At The Table”, sets the tone for the record with a welcoming track that celebrates the fact that there’s room for all in God’s presence and we should reflect His love, compassion and grace in our interactions with not only fellow believers but with everyone we meet.

Modern worship song, “Way Maker”, finds a home on this album with a fresh sound and Point Of Grace’s signature harmonies shining throughout. The lyrics remind us of God’s faithfulness that will never fail.

The Rich Mullins classic, “Awesome God”, is definitely one of the highlights with an inventive rendition as it includes a recording of Rich sharing thoughts on what it means to be a Christian in our world before a choral performance of the chorus brings the song to a close.

“I Believe” is an enjoyable version of this cover, originally by Wes King, that declares bold belief in the Bible and the truth within its pages. Long time Point Of Grace fans will also be able to catch a fun nod to one of the group’s fan-favorite tracks!

The hymn “It Is Well” is beautifully done on this album with an acoustic guitar & piano led ballad that compliments the message of the lyrics.

An a cappella track, “My Ransom”, displays the groups harmonies while offering gratitude for the sacrifice of Jesus that gives us the gift of redeeming salvation.

Originally recorded by Amy Grant, “Somewhere Down The Road” closes the digital version of this album with a song that encourages listeners to remember even in the darkest moments, we can still have hope that there will be a purpose for the hardship and answers to our questions as we journey on; trusting that God is in control.

For those who purchase the physical CD of Turn Your Eyes, there is one additional track as the ladies lend their style to the Doobie Brothers’ “Listen To The Music”.

Whether you are familiar with Point Of Grace as a group or happen to come across this project while browsing new releases, Turn Your Eyes (Songs We Love, Songs You Know) Vol. II is a solid album from start to finish. I enjoy hearing different versions of songs performed by various artists and there are definitely several on this album that standout from their original recordings. With messages that not only uplift, but also draw your attention to our Heavenly Father and the foundations of faith, Turn Your Eyes is sure to be a welcome addition to your playlists.


Released: April 28, 2023

Label: Curb | Word Entertainment

Track Listing:

1. At The Table (3:45)
2. Way Maker (4:17)
3. Awesome God (4:40)
4. I Believe (3:11)
5. Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus (4:40)
6. House Of The Lord (3:52)
7. It Is Well (3:25)
8. My Ransom (2:49)
9. Somewhere Down The Road (4:23)
10. Listen To The Music (3:41) – CD Exclusive

10 Tracks, 38:00

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