Written by: Kelly Meade (9/25/19)

Rend Collective is without a doubt one of the most genuinely joyful bands in Christian music. Their music not only lifts the spirits, but balances the lighthearted whimsy with reflective worship; all firmly rooted in the Scriptures. Their first children’s album, Sparkle.Pop.Rampage (how can you not smile and have your curiosity piqued just from reading that title?), offers a collection of songs that while they may be geared towards a younger audience are certainly enjoyable & edifying for everyone.

“Feels Good (Upbeat Song)” appropriately kicks off the album noting that despite our differences, we are all human beings and when we come together we can overcome the forces that try to divide us.

“Fun” is definitely one of my favorite tracks on the album! Too often we forget to praise and celebrate living in the joy of the Lord. It can be easy to have our view of God skewed to see Him as an unapproachable figure just waiting to point out our flaws and every wrong which can make us think we’ll never be “good” enough. While it is important to feel convicted when we’ve sinned and seek forgiveness, we need to remember that our Heavenly Father loves His children (us!) and wants what is best for us. He desires for us to feel joyful with Him in our lives! We don’t have to be afraid to be happy and to let that show when we worship Him.

“Go Anywhere” tells of being devoted to following Jesus and serving Him with a willing heart open to whatever direction He calls you towards knowing His power & love flows through your spirit emboldening your faith.

“Jericho Song” praises God as it calls on His mighty Name to break the strongholds of fear and doubt surrounding us.

“Story of the Cross” explains the purpose for Jesus’ sacrifice in a way that speaks to all ages helping listeners to understand the message of salvation.

A newly recorded version of “My Lighthouse” finds a home on this project with a slightly more uptempo beat as well as an encouraging spoken word addition to the bridge of the song.

“Not Afraid” reiterates the promises of God found throughout the Bible in the form of a kid-friendly (and “big kid” friendly) prayer that can be sung whenever you’re faced with intimidating, scary situations in life.

“God of Science (Our Great God)” is another personal favorite of mine, being the nature and science geek that I am. The lyrics give praise for all the wonders of creation recognizing that we are “uniquely wonderfully made” to be a part of this amazing universe that only our incredible God could have designed!

“Need To Know You” is a prayer of longing to be closer to our Savior, deepening our relationship with Him as we trust in Jesus as the Source of our faith.

The band’s song “True North” gets a reimagined recording on this project with a choir of children singing along to the chorus as the track declares a firm trust in the Lord and a willing heart to follow wherever He leads.

Sparkle.Pop.Rampage. encapsulates the essence of joy in every sense of the word. It is fun to listen to and you can’t help but sing along! Rend Collective’s unique style flows throughout making it a very entertaining album. More importantly, the music featured on this project professes Biblical truths that direct listeners back to the Savior and put an emphasis on strengthening your relationship with Him.

Rating: 4.7/5

Released: August 30, 2019

Label: Rend Family Records

Track Listing:

1. Feels Good (Upbeat Song) (3:18)

2. Fun (3:33)

3. Go Anywhere (3:09)

4. Jericho Song (3:24)

5. Story of the Cross (3:58)

6. Rise Up and Shine (3:06)

7. Rend Co. Kids Theme Song (0:58)

8. My Lighthouse (4:10)

9. King of Me (2:17)

10. Not Afraid (3:07)

11. God of Science (Our Great God) (3:29)

12. Need to Know You (4:11)

13. True North (3:03)

13 Tracks, 41:00

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