Written by: Catherine Cochran (9/17/23)

Riley Clemmons is a very talented young singer/songwriter that most of you may already be familiar with. On September 22nd, Riley will release her new album, Church Pew. Riley really puts her God given talent, heart, and soul into this album.

God gives us each a talent and Riley has taken her talent to good use that can give light to those who may need it. I remember seeing Riley in person at a concert in 2017 with my daughter and late husband. All three of us loved her songs and were delighted to see her not only sing but play her electric piano at this event. When the opportunity came to review her upcoming album, I volunteered right away. God knew what He was doing when He had me review this album because some of these songs I needed to hear.

“Church Pew” is the first song and has the same title as this album. What a great song to help us remember that the church is made up of so many people. There are some that have attended church all their lives and some that came later to sit in a church pew. Everyone has their own struggles and blessings. The song has so much beauty in an elegant format.

“The Power” – this is an upbeat song that will get you moving. This song is number 6 on this album. Faith is very important, and this is a great song to remind us all. God is a good loving God and we all should rely on Him through faith. Get ready to clap or snap along with this song.

“Heaven” is number 8 on the album. I personally needed to hear this song and anyone who has lost a loved one will be able to relate. I lost my spouse over 2 years ago and this song is the one song that puts all my true feelings into place. I cried sad and happy tears during this song. It is so hard being left behind but so great to know our loved ones are with Jesus. This is a powerful and heartfelt song. I know this song can help many through the grieving process.

“Angels” is the perfect song to follow “Heaven”. This upbeat song had me smiling and no longer sad. God’s protection is giving to us through angels. This reminds me of a Bible verse from Psalms 91:11- For he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all ways.

“Miracle” is a very personal message on how someone who comes into your life can be considered a miracle or as some would view it as a blessing. Jesus did preform many miracles while on earth. Miracles can happen every day. For example, when a child is born, that is a miracle. I truly enjoyed listening to this lovely song.

The album closes with “Dear God”. In this song we get to hear a personal prayer coming to life. We all go to God in our time of need. Sometimes we may forget to thank God for the blessing we receive. This song shows how we can have a personal relationship with our Lord and savior. What a great song to close this album.

In conclusion, this entire Church Pew album has such a spiritual awakening. Riley shows us how to rely on our faith through the good and bad times. Riley has such a great talent and passion that shows in every song she provides to us.


Released: September 22, 2023

Label: Sparrow Records/Capitol CMG Inc.

Track Listing:

  1. Church Pew (3:59)
  2. Man Named Jesus (3:06)
  3. Loved By You (3:03)
  4. Fear Not (2:41)
  5. Lifting Me Up (3:32)
  6. The Power (2:48)
  7. Jesus Cries (3:23)
  8. This Side Of Heaven (3:53)
  9. Angels (2:24)
  10. Miracle (3:39)
  11. Dear God (3:31)

11 Tracks, 36:00

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