Courageous (Theatrical Release)

Written by: Jay Heilman (9/25/2011) UPDATE 2021! So why exactly are we going back and re-posting a review for the movie Courageous ten years after it's release? Well, the film will be released back into select theaters this September to mark the 10th Anniversary of the film.  Courageous Legacy [...]

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7eventh Time Down ‘Alive In You’

Written by: Jay Wright (9/11/2011) 7eventh Time Down has been around since the members were kids, but now they prepare for their BEC Recordings debut release, Alive In You. And you might be surprised to know that even as a rock band, 7eventh Time Down’s goal is ministry first, [...]

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Darlene Zschech ‘You Are Love’

Written by: Jay Wright (8/31/2021) For Hillsong fans, Darlene Zschech needs no introduction. The anointed singer has been leading worship since 1995, writing many songs that have found themselves anthems of the church, including what is perhaps her most famous – “Shout to the Lord.” Now, the Aussie worship [...]

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Aaron Shust ‘This Is What We Believe’

Written by: Justin Morden (8/4/2011) While writing songs for the new album, Aaron Shust was going through struggling times in his personal life. His two-year-old son Nicky was diagnosed with Eosinophilic Esophagitis, a rare condition that caused Nicky to be unable to take in nutrition. The Shust family was [...]

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Downhere ‘On The Altar of Love’

Written by: Jay Wright (00/00/0000) [Heading 3 Size] After two years since their Ending Is Beginning project, the Canadian pop group Downhere is back with their anticipated Centricity Music record, On The Altar of Love. With this project, Downhere hopes to bring to the listener’s attention the fact that [...]

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Ashes Remain ‘What I’ve Become’

Written by: Lori Lebel (July 22, 2011) There are plenty of musical influences apparent in Ashes Remain’s debut album titled, What I’ve Become, however have no worries, they bring plenty of their own in each song to the Christian rock table. Seemingly, the theme of this album cries out [...]

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Beckah Shae ‘Destiny’

Written by: Jay Wright (7/21/2011) I remember the first time I heard Beckah Shae‟s “Here In This Moment” on Air1 Radio. Shortly thereafter, I heard “Life,” and resolved to purchase her LIFE album. Every track was an immediate sensation for me, as I listened to the catchy dance/pop with [...]

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Dara Maclean ‘You Got My Attention’

Written by: Stacey Papanikos (7/10/2011) My first thought after hearing Dara MaClean's voice was "Wow, this girl can sing!" Dara's vocal pitch and style are very similar to that of, Francesca Battistelli and Kerrie Roberts. With upbeat, catchy lyrics and strumming and picking, Dara is sure to have you [...]

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Burlap to Cashmere ‘Self-Titled’

Written by: Lori Lebel (July 1, 2011) After a ten-year dry spell between records, Burlap to Cashmere releases their self-titled sophomore album this July. The Greek/folk-inspired band returns with their signature spicy rhythms and uplifting lyrics. The eleven-track album starts off with two punchy songs, “Don’t Forget”, a perfect [...]

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Danen Kane ‘Love Is Waiting’

Written by: Jay Heilman (6/20/2011) Danen Kane is a name that until prior to popping the CD in, I had never heard of before. But it turns out that Love Is Waiting is his 5th full length album. After listening through to it the first time, I was quite [...]

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