Written by: Kelly Meade (4/26/19)

Singer/songwriter Terell Davy’s faith journey has brought him through heartache & darkness into a place where God uses his story to inspire others through speaking engagements and with his music as an artist. His latest EP, From The Dust, is available now at live concerts and is being released through download & streaming services as singles over the next several months.

“Rescue” tells of the life changing redemption found in a relationship with God. No matter where we’ve been and how broken we feel, when we think we’ve fallen too far, we are never out of reach of our Heavenly Father’s hands.

Title track & personal favorite of mine, “From The Dust”, finds someone who has hit rock bottom – fearful and abandoned until God’s merciful love calls them from the depths of despair breathing new life into their spirit.

The stories within “Running” share a common thread of trying to escape the darkness of pain, crippled by fear as they search for hope and meaning in their lives. In the process of our running away and through whatever we turn to in an attempt to find peace, there is Someone who will always be pursuing us and our hearts to bring us back to Him. We can never outrun the love of God.

A definite standout track, “Let There Be Light”, closes the EP with a powerful prayer that recognizes and praises the awesome wonders God has done while humbly asking for Jesus to come and revive our souls allowing His light to shine through us.

From start to finish, From The Dust brings a theme of hope found in Christ and the redeeming grace that can heal the deepest wounds and restore the most broken of hearts. The inspiring messages along with Terell’s smooth vocal performances and the unique musical arrangements make this EP a great addition to your playlist!

Rating: 3.7/5

Released: 2019

Label: Independent

Track Listing:

  1. Rescue (4:36)
  2. Lions (Feat. Norez) (3:21)
  3. From The Dust (3:41)
  4. Scars (4:11)
  5. Running (3:42)
  6. Phoenix (3:35)
  7. Let There Be Light (4:17)

7 Tracks, 27:00

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