Written by: Laura Chambers (12/23/2017)

What better way to commence a new year full of possibilities and blessings than by releasing a debut EP? Brooke Robertson starts 2018 off right with Have My Heart, a release that speaks volumes despite its brevity.

“Have My Heart” depicts a nighttime conversation with God in which Robertson sorts through her anxious feelings and hands them over to God. She remembers that God is holding onto her circumstances and trusts His love to care for her. The intimacy of her prayer is amplified by its simple instrumentals; no showy electronic sound effects mar the quiet mood.  “Back To Shore” jumps right in feet first, contrasting the times where everything went right with those that were just the opposite. If we forget our pain, we’re liable to forget how God pulled us through it and what lessons we learned while striving. It’s ultimately our sorrows that wash us homeward into God’s comforting arms.

“Cannot Be Moved” expresses confidence that trusting in God will lead to our becoming unshakeable, no matter what other people do or say to us. The same cannot be said for anyone else. Robertson sings with conviction and faith about a God who can be trusted implicitly to watch over us.  Lastly, some of the assurances we have in Christ are sweetly explored in “I Am Yours”. God’s love is deep and his grace cannot be purchased, as He has promised us. Nothing will come between us and Him when we give ourselves to Him. Our identity is wrapped up in the One we belong to.

With a winsome voice and sincere words, Brooke Robertson shows us the meaning of surrender, trust, and strength by giving credit to their source. Have My Heart expresses the longings and resolve of her heart succinctly and genuinely.


Released: January 5, 2018

Label: Independent

Track Listing:

  1. Have My Heart (2:46)
  2. Back To Shore (3:43)
  3. Cannot Be Moved (3:29)
  4. I Am Yours (4:05)

4 Tracks, 14:03

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