Written by: Kelly Meade (09/09/21)

Having grown up surrounded by music, Cade Thompson has both a passion for sharing his heart through song as well as sharing the good news of Jesus and His love. Cade’s debut album, Bigger Story, gives listeners faith-filled encouragement with every song.

“Every Step Of The Way” sets the tone for the album with an upbeat reminder of God’s closeness to us. Even when we can’t see Him, He is still there through every moment and always will be.

“Source Of Life” breaks through the chaos around to call us back to our Heavenly Father. When we’ve reached the end of ourselves, we can draw from the True Source and be filled with His life-giving breath.

“Voices” acknowledges how our minds can become crowded with the voices of comparison, envy, loneliness and doubt to the point that it drowns out the only Voice that truly matters – our Savior who says we are loved, worthy and enough.

Title track, “Bigger Story”, reassures that God has a bigger and better story for our lives than we could ever write on our own. We may never be able to explain why certain things happen, but He has a purpose and when we place our trust in Him He will guide us through.

“Provider” brings our attention back to the One who is faithful to give us exactly what we need when we need it and will never hold anything good back from His children.

The powerful track “New Normal” calls out to God on behalf of those who have been affected by gun violence in schools; a prayer for peace while keeping hope for a better future remembering that Jesus has overcome the evils of this world.

“Eyes Of God” closes the album and is definitely a must listen as it recognizes that we are never too lost or too broken for God. He sees our full potential. Where we can only see the shattered pieces, He sees the complete work of art we will become.

Throughout Bigger Story, Cade Thompson conveys our complex human emotions in a way that we all can relate to on some level while drawing our hearts towards our loving Creator. The message of God’s grace and provision is a common thread woven between each song all with a fresh sound and Cade’s smooth vocal performance. Bigger Story is without a doubt one of my favorite releases of 2021 and I highly encourage you to check it out everywhere you listen to music!


Released: September 10, 2021

Label: Red Street Records

Track Listing:

  1. Every Step of the Way (3:16)
  2. Never Too Late (3:21)
  3. Source Of Life (3:31)
  4. Voices (3:20)
  5. Bigger Story (3:06)
  6. New Beginnings (2:59)
  7. Provider (3:14)
  8. Anything Yet (3:45)
  9. New Normal (3:18)
  10. Eyes Of God (3:08)

10 Tracks, 33:00

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