David & Nicole Binion ‘Dwell’

///David & Nicole Binion ‘Dwell’

David & Nicole Binion ‘Dwell’

Written by: Laura Chambers (August 2, 2018)

Instead of spending fleeting moments in the presence of God, what if we stayed longer? What if His peace wasn’t just a place we visited every so often, but where we lived? Our home base, so to speak, from which we could reach out and draw others into the light. David and Nicole Binion present Dwell, a project which aims to create unity among those who are praising the Lord. The digital release contains 4 more tracks than the CD.

Featuring Travis Greene, “My Soul Follows” tells of a deep desire to pursue God by drawing together concepts from the Psalms, such as comparing our longing for God with a deer’s for water.

“Song Of My Heart” brings a celebratory mood to the song’s declaration, that we will continue to cling to the Lord. As long as we make Him the foundation of our lives, nothing can rip us out of the ground. Whether we live or die, He gives us purpose and strength.

“All Creation” invites every created thing to praise God with song. The song grows in intensity until it’s pulsating with shouts of joy.

“Hunger” features MDSN, aka Madison Binion (the artists’ daughter), who also co-wrote the song. She beautifully expresses her need to return to the presence of God, a desire which nothing else can quench. She doesn’t want to linger behind anymore; now is the time to go deep.

“David’s Testimony” is not a song, but rather David Binion telling a story about a pivotal moment he experienced in 1997, when the presence of God moved him deeply. He also declares that a coming movement of God is imminent. He invites listeners to move closer to God, which directly leads into the next song.

“I Can’t Stay Here” tells of a growing frustration with one’s own complacent nature, deaf to God’s voice and unaware of His movements. When it becomes impossible to ignore the the purpose we were created for, there is no remaining as we are; it’s either respond or wither away to nothing.

“Doxology (Hallelujah)” brings life to the hymn. The song’s bridge recognizes a shift in our circumstances can come as a direct result of our singing praises to God. Guest artist Tasha Cobbs Leonard adds new energy to the song.

“Joy Never-Ending” moves into dance territory, describing the freedom and security which both stem from God’s love. He is the continuous source of our joy. BJ Putnam provides guest vocals.

MDSN returns for “All Because You’re Here”, in which she shows how God’s presence can make all the difference in our circumstances. He can expel fear with His love and draw us into His arms. He looks at our problems and sees possibilities we cannot. Her sweet voice lends an innocence to the relief and release she expresses.

“All Things” recognizes that we weren’t meant to carry our troubles ourselves. Instead, we must give them to Jesus and let Him lead us. We should trust that He is making everything come out for our benefit, whether we can perceive it immediately or not. Our miracle is close at hand.

“Gate Of Heaven” recalls Jacob’s dream of the angels ascending and descending on a staircase from Heaven to Earth. It seems to suggest that wherever we gather to await His presence, it is then that we experience a glimpse of Heaven. The song’s sound is kind of soft and dreamy, like a vision.

“How Great – It Is Happening” proclaims the greatness of God, made known through the declarations of the heavens and the response of creation to Him. William McDowell’s guest vocals accentuate the song perfectly; he also tells of miracles he has seen and declares that they can and will happen again for those who believe.

“Be Still And Know” assures us that God is more than capable of protecting us, even if the ground crumbles underneath our feet. All we have to do is rest as He fights for us, and we will surely see our victory at His hand, His glory in our midst. Calvin Nowell appears on this track as well. The song’s reprise continues to declare all the wonderful things we can expect when we wait on Him.

Dwell provides a portable throne room experience for listeners on the move; surely the Lord will go with us, wherever we are. David and Nicole Binion and their guests bring a little bit of heaven to Earth, gathering God’s people together in praise.


Released: August 3, 2018

Label: Integrity Music

Track Listing:

  1. My Soul Follows (feat. Travis Greene) [Live] (9:56)
  2. Song of My Heart (Live) (5:02)
  3. All Creation (Live) (5:39)
  4. Hunger (feat. MDSN) [Live] (8:30)
  5. David’s Testimony (Live) (2:58)
  6. I Can’t Stay Here (Live) (6:30)
  7. Doxology (Hallelujah) [feat. Tasha Cobbs Leonard] [Live] (9:41)
  8. Joy Never-Ending (feat. BJ Putnam) [Live] (3:48)
  9. All Because You’re Here (feat. MDSN) [Live] (4:54)
  10. All Things (Live) (8:02)
  11. Gate of Heaven (Live) (9:29)
  12. How Great / It Is Happening (feat. William McDowell) [Live] (9:59)
  13. Be Still and Know (feat. Calvin Nowell) [Live] (7:52)
  14. Be Still and Know (Reprise) (5:47)

14 Tracks, 98:00

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