Written by: Kelly Meade (10/3/19)

Worship leader Jared Anderson highlights God’s healing and restoration power with the release of his 5-song EP The Whole Landscape.

Title track, “The Whole Landscape”, sets the tone for the EP with an energizing song that opens your heart to worship as it recognizes the omnipotence of the Lord in the world around us.

“Kindness” notes the ways God cares for us as we strengthen our relationship with Him praising His goodness & kindness that He so freely gives to His children.

“Work Of Art” is the stand out of the EP for me as it sums up the overall theme of the project. The lyrics tell how our Heavenly Father takes our brokenness & what we feel are shortcomings and turns them into a beautiful, one of a kind Masterpiece. We can trust the Artist of our souls to create & recreate the shattered pieces of our lives and use them in ways we can’t even imagine.

Another favorite, “Irresistible”, closes the project with a joyful celebration of the love, grace and spiritual renewal experienced when we place our faith & trust in God and choose to devote our lives to Him.

The musical tones on The Whole Landscape combined with Jared’s style bring to mind such singer/songwriters as Ben Rector and Jason Mraz though these five tracks are firmly rooted in the Word of God. As a whole, the EP is a pleasant collection worth adding to your music library.


Released: October 4, 2019

Label: Rixon Entertainment Group

Track Listing:

1. The Whole Landscape (3:22)
2. Heaven Stands Up (4:21)
3. Kindness (4:21)
4. Work of Art (6:08)
5. Irresistible (3:30)

5 Tracks, 21:00

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