Written by: Kelly Meade (9/20/19)

Jeremy Camp has become one of the most recognizable voices in Christian music. His songs of triumph over tragedy, maintaining a solid foundation of faith and being honest with God when you’re feeling the weight of the world around you have touched the lives of countless listeners over the years. The release of The Story’s Not Over marks a new chapter in the singer’s career.

Opening track, “Only You Can”, calls on God to rescue us from the storms of life and the waves of fear & doubt that threaten to pull us under believing that He is the only One capable to truly save when we trust in His power & faithfulness.

The project’s lead single, “Dead Man Walking”, depicts the soul awakening that occurs when you accept Jesus as your Savior and choose to follow Him as you serve with your whole heart.

“Keep Me In The Moment” tells of how our lives appear to fly by as time moves faster and faster with the years. The chorus plays as a prayer for God to keep us aware of the here and now, abiding in Christ and living with our eyes open to what God has for us in each day as we strive to do His will here on earth.

Title track, “The Story’s Not Over Yet”, declares a firm belief & faith in God’s story for your life even when things are a complete mess and we have no idea what is coming next. Trusting in the Lord’s guidance and remembering that He sees the big picture can be hard sometimes, but He truly does have the best for us. I’d have to say this is one of my favorite songs on the album!

“Indestructible Soul” stands out as it boldly declares that when our hope is in our Heavenly Father we have the promise that He goes before us, surrounds us on every side and is the mighty sword in battle. With our salvation through Jesus, no matter what happens, our soul can never die.

“Wilderness” closes the album reminding listeners that we serve an ever faithful, unchanging God who is always with us through the good & bad, whether we are thriving in the promised land or wandering in the unknown wilderness.

The Story’s Not Over features a modern sound with Jeremy’s signature vocals and lyrics that speak from the heart. Listeners will be able to relate to the themes of finding hope and rest in the steadfast faithfulness of our Lord as we face the trials of life while giving Him all the glory and praise. Definitely a must add to your playlists!

Rating: 4.3/5

Released: September 20, 2019

Label: Sparrow Records

Track Listing:

  1. Only You Can (3:18)
  2. Still Alive (3:05)
  3. Dead Man Walking (3:07)
  4. Should’ve Been Me (3:13)
  5. Father (3:20)
  6. Keep Me in the Moment (3:28)
  7. Out of My Hands (3:38)
  8. The Story’s Not Over (3:35)
  9. Indestructible Soul (3:21)
  10. You Don’t (feat. Social Club Misfits) (3:33)
  11. Wilderness (3:47)

11 Tracks, 38:00

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