Written by: Kelly Meade (09/10/21)

Jeremy Camp returns with his highly anticipated studio album, When You Speak. With it, this fan-favorite artist delivers 13 new songs that meet listeners where they are and brings our attention to the One who will never let us go through life alone.

“Can’t Take Away” opens the album with an uplifting track that notes a steadfast hope in God’s love, faithfulness and strength. When our trust is securely in Him, nothing can take that away from us.

“One Desire” is a prayer for God & His will to be our true desire. We can chase after so many things in this world that we think will satisfy and make us complete, however, a relationship with our Heavenly Father is the only thing that can truly fill the empty space inside. Through growing in a connection with Him, our desires become what God desires for our lives and He will provide exactly what we need.

The album’s lead single and title track, “When You Speak” gives thanks for the healing mercy & redemption found in the words of God. We can hear Him through Scripture, song and in the beauty of nature as He gives comfort, draws us closer to Him and lovingly points out things in our lives that need to change.

One of my favorite tracks on the album, “No Rain” contemplates the purpose for the pain & difficult moments we go through in life. The lyrics in the chorus ponder the questions – ‘How’s a garden ever supposed to grow if there ain’t no rain? How am I ever gonna learn how to feel if there ain’t no pain? If I never fall, if I never break how can my heart change?’ while the powerful bridge declares ‘I found heaven when I went through hell. I found healing when I wasn’t well. When my heart was a desert, it was your love I remembered.’ Both shifts focus to the answer – God uses the hard stuff to strengthen our faith and push us far beyond ourselves into the purpose & life He is calling us to.

“Here With You” is a beautiful picture of the nearness of our Heavenly Father as we grieve unimaginable losses here on earth. He is not a far-off, uncaring God; He is right next to us sharing in our pain, weeping as we weep and holding us close.

Closing track, “This Too Shall Pass” is an incredibly heartfelt reminder that our storms won’t last forever. When our faith is secure in our Savior, we have the promise of restoration, mending of our brokenness and hope of light on the other side of the darkness.

When You Speak seems to pick up where Jeremy’s 2019 album, The Story’s Not Over, left off adding another chapter to that story as messages of being surrounded by the faithful grace of God and moving forward with Him at our side. Each track on this album serves to remind us of His unconditional & unfailing love that protects, provides & heals. Jeremy’s unmistakable vocals along with engaging musical arrangements & timely lyrics make this album a special addition to your collection.

Rating: 4/5

Released: September 10, 2021

Label: Sparrow Records

Track Listing:

  1. Can’t Take Away (2:33)
  2. You See Me (3:16)
  3. Getting Started (3:50)
  4. One Desire (3:19)
  5. Steady Me (4:23)
  6. When You Speak (2:59)
  7. No Rain (3:36)
  8. Here With You (3:26)
  9. What Love Has Done (3:19)
  10. Break Your Promises (3:16)
  11. Consumed (3:43)
  12. Anxious Heart (2:57)
  13. This Too Shall Pass (4:28)

13 Tracks, 45:00

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