Written by: Darcy Webber (5/13/2024)

Jeremy Camp – multiple award-winner and prolific songwriter – released his new album, Deeper Waters, this month. More important than his earthly rewards, Camp continues to utilize his God-given gifts and creative talents to spread the message of hope and the Gospel through his 14th album. Swiftly changing and morphing music styles means most secular or Christian artists can’t stay relevant and popular over several decades and dozens of albums. Still, Camp manages to get better with every album release. Deeper Waters contains several great songs with lyrics and musical scores that cross over to multiple genres like Pop, Rock, and contemporary Country.

Deeper Waters offers a profound and cohesive listening experience from start to finish, and listeners will enjoy the album as a whole and resonate on a deep emotional level. The album’s overarching theme is a poignant confession of personal failures and sins in a world increasingly marred by troubles, and the profound reliance on the Lord and the salvation He offers to heal, cleanse, and purify. The album’s opening is a powerful surge of edgy rock and pop tones, with lyrics that guide you through the world’s turmoil with the light of Jesus and the purifying fire of the Holy Spirit. The incredible energy and inspiration of the first quarter change to inwards and mellow through the album’s end, but no less motivating to do the deeper work needed to overcome personal sin. Everyone can identify with Camp’s inner struggles, as they are the struggles of all humans on this earth. Here are some highlights:

“Closer To You” is a great pop/dance number with the encouraging message that we can handle all things life throws at us as long as God stays close and remains our solid foundation. As Jesus says in Matthew 7:24-25, those who build their house on rock (the firm foundation of His word), when the rains come and the winds blow, it will not fall.

Pop/Rock with an edgy Country flavor, “No Survivors” speaks to letting go of our sins of ego and pride using the cleansing fire of God and the Holy Spirit. (The cleansing fire may be accompanied by air guitar and head banging; this song is entertaining!)

“These Days” comes with two excellent YouTube videos (Official and Lyrics). While “Deeper Waters” might be the album’s title song, this author feels “These Days” is the title of the current modern age. Its message is to help us change our thinking and focus: instead of despairing over how the world is in increasing turmoil, embrace that we were put on the earth during this time to shine the light of hope of Jesus through our gifts.  We are here in the right place at the right time, so embrace the purpose God gave you.

“Again” begins the turnaround of the album to the mellow and personal. If we are truthful with ourselves, we are still sinners at our core, even after being saved by the grace of God. Even while seeking the heart of Jesus, we will fall now and then—the human never-ending cycle of sin and repentance.  This song speaks personally to the guilt and shame we sometimes feel falling back into that cycle. But there is always hope with the knowledge that God is there for us through it all and is waiting for us to repent and look towards the son He sacrificed so we can be saved.

The rest of the album continues with deep reflection through the end, and every song will resonate with your heart and personal struggles. Camp’s beautiful voice and music scores guide you through the emotional experience. The only regret you will feel when listening to this great album is that the end comes too soon.


Released: May 17, 2024

Label: Sparrow Records / Capitol CMG

Track Listing:

  1. Deeper Waters (2:36)
  2. Closer To You (3:26)
  3. No Survivors (2:20)
  4. These Days (3:18)
  5. Again (3:34)
  6. A Million Names (3:42)
  7. Better (3:13)
  8. Possible (3:01)
  9. Ready Now (2:54)
  10. Take It All (2:59)
  11. Through The Night (3:36)
  12. Need To Be Near (3:24)
  13. These Days feat. Fannie Rae (3:18)

13 Tracks, 41:22

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