Written by: Celita Diaz-Perillo (10/14/2021)

Mac Powell’s music was a true blessing to me throughout my young adult/college life. I lost touch with his music for a while there, but have recently had the immense pleasure to hear this new album, New Creation. I was a little skeptical, as I love Third Day and just couldn’t imagine hearing his voice in the same way without that group setting, but, oh boy, was I wrong. This album is awesome, a complete encouraging and hope-full treat for heart, mind, and soul. It is ALL about Jesus; proclaiming, in a way, that He is where all encouragement, hope, joy, healing, and truth can be found.

It is country with a twinge of that alternative sound that I have loved for so long. Faster or slower, each song just reaches through and touches the heart with life and light, prodding the listener to seek and draw closer to Jesus- as we are- and trusting the Lord to be who He says He is: our reliable Lord, “a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him”, Redeemer, Healer, and Promise Keeper.

That first song, “River of Life”, is a fantastic introduction into this album. A call to come, in the most jamming way. Just such a great song.

“New Creation” is all about the testimony of how God’s grace pulled the writer through hard things and mistakes to see His power and help, brought blessings out of tragedy, and made him new in spite of how undeserving and imperfect he is. A sweet reminder of what God can do when we seek the Lord, surrender to Him, and humble ourselves before Him. It reminds me of something King David may have written and sung had he been born in this era of life.

“Be Praised” is a song of glory and honor to King Jesus, and it felt like I was together with other believers in worship to our Lord, even though I was by myself. Wow, Hallelujah!

“1991” just took me back to my teen years and early twenties. Talk about testimony time! “Hallelujah, cuz the past is gone. Hallelujah cuz I found Your love…”

“Joy of the Lord” is a dedication to the verse that says “The joy of the Lord is my strength.” Honestly, how can anyone go wrong proclaiming that in a song that makes you move and jig and go? With a hint of an old classic children’s song with a new sound, this song is a reminder we all need in every day and moment. Oh yeah!

“Baptized” just had me raising my hands in praise. The first song and this one are all about the Living Water! “My soul will testify to the One Who saves us…” If He has touched or changed your life, and done so much to rescue, save, heal you, well, this song will just remind you of how much He has done. Count your blessings as you listen to this one. It will be an edifying time of praise, I believe. It was for me.

If you don’t have this album yet, I highly recommend it. Honestly, in this day and age of so much unrest, uncertainty, confusion, just do yourself a favor and soak up every word and note of New Creation. “Encourage yourself daily” is easier with these songs playing- loud or soft, anywhere or anytime. I cannot wait to introduce these sounds to my family. So grateful!


Released: October 15, 2021

Label: Sparrow Records/Mac Powell Records

Track Listing:

  1. River Of Life (2:49)
  2. New Creation (3:02)
  3. Love Is The Reason (3:32)
  4. Be Praised (3:37)
  5. 1991 (3:36)
  6. The Center Of It All (3:16)
  7. Joy To The Lord (2:56)
  8. Jesus You Are (3:01)
  9. Everlasting Arms (3:33)
  10. Baptized (featuring Matt Maher) (3:53)

10 Tracks, 33:00

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