Written by: Kelly Meade (04/23/2020)

Contemporary singer songwriter Micah Tyler made a name for himself in Christian music with his breakthrough album, Different. Now, three years later, Micah is set to add another chapter with the release of New Today.

“Amen” opens the album with a praise filled song offering thanks for all of the blessings, grace and goodness that God has given.

Title track, “New Today”, reminds us of God’s unending mercy & love that are new with each day. No matter what we have done, how much we think we’ve messed up, we can still come to Him for forgiveness and rest in the fact that He gives us the chance to start over again.

A highlight and my personal favorite, “By Name”, plays as a message from God to His children telling us that our darkest times, mistakes and lonliness is not who we are to Him so instead of categorizing us by those labels, He calls us by name.

Micah is joined by Maranda Curtis & Jason Crabb on “What Mercy Did For Me” which tells of the life changing effect that being saved can bring with redemption, forgiveness and freedom in Christ.

“Welcome To The Family” celebrates the heavenly family we have as believers in Christ with Jesus as our common thread bringing us together.

A stripped down version of “New Today” closes the album giving that track a deep, heartfelt tone.

Throughout New Today Micah Tyler brings a message of hope, light and living under the love of our Savior. These encouraging tracks are sure to uplift listeners’ spirits and make their day a little brighter.


Released: April 24, 2020

Label: Micah Tyler

Track Listing:

Amen (2:55)
New Today (3:20)
Walking Free (3:20)
By Name (3:24)
Love Lifted Me Up (3:11)
What Mercy Did For Me feat. Maranda Curtis & Jason Crabb (3:43)
Life Up Ahead (3:11)
God Fights For Me feat. Austin French & Nickie Conley (3:40)
Without Love (3:33)
Welcome To The Family (3:18)
New Today stripped version (3:20)

11 Tracks, 37:00

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