Written by: Kelly Meade (09/29/21)

After a fantastic run as Newsboys United that spawned multiple tours and a full album of new music with members Peter Furler & Phil Joel, the current lineup of Newsboys – Michael Tait, Duncan Phillips, Jody Evans & Jeff Frankenstein are back with their latest release, STAND.

Lead single, “Magnetic”, opens the album describing how God’s love will not let us stray so far that He can never reach us. No matter what we do or where we go, He will always draw us back to Him.

“I Still Believe You’re Good” reminds us that through all of life’s hard times and all of our emotions, our Heavenly Father is still at work. He is healing, restoring and making new all that seems broken. We must hold on to His promises and recall His faithfulness.

Title track “STAND” ponders the question of how we will react when our faith is put to the ultimate test. Will we conform to the demands of the world or remain firm in our beliefs? When our foundation of hope and faith is solid ground beneath our feet, we are able to stand up against the critics and pull of temporary pleasures and stand for the Word of God as we walk with Him.

Closing track, “Never Too Far Away”, is a definite highlight as it encourages listeners of their worth in God’s eyes as His beloved children. He is always right there with you in every moment of every day. You can be free to let go of your past and move forward trusting in Him to guide your steps.

Throughout STAND we hear a common message of God’s faithfulness and affirmation of hope in Him in the form of positive, energetic anthems that pull you into a time of worship. Overall, it is the perfect start to this next chapter for Newsboys as they continue sharing the light of God’s love through their music.


Released: October 1, 2021

Label: Capitol CMG

Track Listing:

1. Magnetic (3:16)
2. Aint It Like Jesus (3:16)
3. I Still Believe You’re Good (3:38)
4. STAND (3:24)
5. Clean (3:35)
6. Won’t Be Afraid (3:13)
7. Come Through (3:52)
8. Blessings On Blessings (2:51)
9. No Doubt (3:18)
10. Never Too Far Away (3:41)

10 Tracks, 34:00

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