Selah ‘Firm Foundation’

///Selah ‘Firm Foundation’

Selah ‘Firm Foundation’

Written by: Kelly Meade (11/03/19)

The signature sound of Selah featuring the harmonies of members Todd Smith, Amy Perry and Allan Hall along with songs deeply rooted in the love of God & His word have touched the lives of countless listeners over the years. Their latest release, Firm Foundation, offers 11 new tracks that declare a bold trust and hope in the Lord.

“Let The Saints Sing” opens the album with a song of thankful praise giving glory and honor to our King.

Title track, “Firm Foundation” reminds us that no matter what kind of chaos and calamity this world tries to throw our way, when we securely anchor our hope & trust in our unchanging God and His promises, we will be able to weather any storm.

“Always Gonna Be” stands out as it focuses on the faithfulness, provision and protection of a loving Heavenly Father who is looking out for His children and will never let us down or leave us alone.

“My Soul Be Satisfied” tells of the true peace & fulfillment found in Christ Jesus. No matter the circumstances, in our Savior we have all we really need. This is something we all should remember when we feel that our desires are not being met and strive towards being filled with His love above all else. This theme carries over into the song that follows, “Yet Not I But Through Christ In Me”.

My personal favorite, “The Sound Of Love”, acknowledges that God’s love and voice can be experienced through much of creation – the rushing of rivers, mighty claps of thunder, a soft breeze, and also through the sound of His people joined together in praise as it sparks a revival in the souls of many.

“No Sweeter Name” praises Jesus for all that He has done and the ways He continues to work in the lives of believers who place their faith in Him.

Closing song, “Benediction (As You Go)” is a peaceful blessing to listeners and prayer that each of us would live out our true calling in a way that recognizes God as our source of both comfort & strength.

Firm Foundation is an album that is well worth your time as it presents the message of God’s love and saving grace with heartfelt lyrics combined with powerful vocal performances that capture your attention. When you listen, the music allows you to quiet your racing thoughts and redirect your heart towards the Savior who welcomes you in, arms wide open. A must add to your playlist!

Rating: 4/5

Released: November 1, 2019

Label: Integrity Music

Track Listing:

1. Let the Saints Sing (3:56)

2. Jesus Is King (3:33)

3. Firm Foundation (4:50)

4. Always Gonna Be (3:18)

5. My Soul Be Satisfied (3:20)

6. Yet Not I But Through Christ In Me (4:51)

7. The Sound of Love (4:19)

8. I Belong to Jesus (Oh Hallelujah) (4:25)

9. He Will Hold Me Fast (5:01)

10. No Sweeter Name (4:52)

11. Benediction (As You Go) (4:39)

11 Tracks, 47:00

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