Blog – When Is It Time To Hang It Up: Revisited (2018)

When we launched Today’s Christian Entertainment (TCE) back in January 2016, I had written an article looking at some bands that had made some significant changes, more specific – in the front (wo)man department. I got a lot of feedback about the article, mostly good. But there were some, naturally, that disagreed with my take [...]

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Decyfer Down ‘Acoustic’ EP

Written by: Kelly Meade (6/23/2017) First offered as part of a highly successful fan backed Indiegogo campaign, the latest release by rockers Decyfer Down takes five hand-picked songs from their past albums and reworks them into a fresh sounding acoustic collection. “Anchor Me” recognizes that our faith in Christ [...]

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Decyfer Down ‘The Other Side Of Darkness’

Written by: Abby Baracskai (3/29/2016) I have to honestly admit that although rock is my favorite genre, I had to lessen my hopes of there being a true rock album being released in the Christian Music industry before starting this review. You can only imagine the smile that continued to [...]

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Blog “When Is It Time To Hang It Up?”

Losing a vital or founding member of any band begs the question, “When is it time to retire the band?” Let’s look at the groups who have made changes and how it’s worked out for them and one that is still somewhat undetermined. The Newsboys Perhaps one [...]

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