Written by: Laura Chambers (6/7/2016)

Looking for a summer anthem you can actually encourage your children to sing along to? Look no further. The Rubyz are back with a 5 track EP just in time for the warm weather.  I’ll Follow You is like a glass of lemonade on a hot day; not too sweet to drink and plenty refreshing.

“Breathtakingly Beautiful” encourages people who hide themselves away because they don’t think that they’re worth anything by assuring them that they couldn’t be more wrong. As unique creations of God, everybody was made to be themselves and not to copy someone else. “I’ll Follow You” describes an aimless seeker wandering in search of their destiny. (Heavy stuff, huh?) Yet it manages to do so with an optimistic outlook, asking God to reveal His will in His time, and promising to follow Him even though it become difficult to trust. “Awake” bemoans the many voices that attempt to change our moral code. While giving in and ignoring God`s truth can often be the path of least resistance, it`s not worth it. Instead of shutting our eyes and pretending these things aren`t happening, we need to stand up and become aware of the issues in our world. “One” assures us that we shouldn`t let the fact that we`re only one person stop us from trying to make a difference, because sometimes one is all it takes.  With lyrics like “A single heart sold on one Name“, and the reminder that we may be small, but we`re part of a bigger plan, this song inspires us to fight our fears and reach for the stars. “Angels We Have Heard On High“ rounds out this EP. Likely included to become this year`s Christmas single, it`s a pleasant version of the carol.

For those of you who didn`t think that so-called “kiddy pop“ could have substance, this EP proves you wrong. Though it still retains a modicum of youthful style, I`ll Follow You’s candy coating conceals a solid center that is deeply rooted in Biblical principles. (Yes, I know I`m mixing my metaphors!)


Released: June 17, 2016

Label: Bema Media LLC

Track Listing:

  1. Breath Taxingly Beautiful (2:56)
  2. I’ll Follow You (3:51)
  3. Live It Awake (3:07)
  4. One (2:41)
  5. Angels We Have Heard On High (2:31)

5 Tracks, 15:06

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