Amanda Lindsey Cook ‘House On A Hill’

///Amanda Lindsey Cook ‘House On A Hill’

Written by: Kelly Meade (3/28/19)

With the release of House On A Hill Bethel Music’s Amanda Lindsey Cook shares a collection of songs that are deeply personal and often vulnerable as they chronicle the experience of seeking God through trying times.

“Awakening” tells of spiritual rebirth through a relationship with God as He reaches through the barriers we’ve built around our hearts and shines His love into every part of our being.

“I Am – Because You Are” longs for a renewal of faith and a time when worshipping our Savior came naturally without theatrics; getting back to a deep, meaningful connection to Christ with Him at the center of all.

“Not Going Anywhere” reminds of the steadfast faithfulness of God who will never leave us alone in our fears when anxiety closes in or when we feel like our lives are a complete mess. It is difficult to trust when we’ve been hurt and betrayed by many, but we can rest in the fact that God already knows everything about us and every facet of our personality. Nothing can scare Him away.

The title track, “House On A Hill”, stands out as a must-listen song in my opinion. With a simple piano melody the lyrics beautifully convey a message of our Heavenly Father desiring for us to come to Him with open hearts, to spend quality time with Him in a place of solitude and converse with Him in a way that not only truly bares our souls but also allows for Him to respond without the distractions of technology or the noise of the world around us.

“The Clearing” encourages listeners of God’s unwavering grace and guidance as He leads us through the dense, dark patches of life and into the light where we can see things clearer and breathe easier as we move forward into the life He has created for us.

As I listened to this project I found the musical arrangements drawing me in and adding to the depth of the message within the words of the songs. Throughout House On A Hill we hear a theme of rest and reflection after becoming burned out as a result of trying to maintain an exhausting pace that the busyness of life brings. We live in a culture that frequently overwhelms and too often succeeds at stealing time that we could be spending with God. This album remind us of the importance of keeping our relationship with God a priority because it is only then that we will find the rest, peace, fulfillment and love we so desperately need.


Released: March 29, 2019

Label: Bethel Music

Track Listing:

  1. Awakening (6:25)
  2. Evergreen (4:38)
  3. I Am – Because You Are (5:50)
  4. Not Going Anywhere (5:01)
  5. House on a Hill (6:04)
  6. Comforter (6:02)
  7. Love Never Fails (4:56)
  8. The Clearing (5:17)
  9. Water Under the Bridge (3:38)
  10. The New Country (4:51)

10 Tracks, 52:00

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