Written by: Laura Chambers (March 22, 2019)

Standing in the middle of a raging hurricane and declaring it’s a beautiful sunny day. Some might call it denial. Christians call it faith. By proclaiming God’s promises, we can simultaneously remind ourselves of His good plans for us and push back the encroaching feelings of helplessness and fear. Our rebellion becomes revelation becomes revival. Jon Egan’s Unveil draws back the curtain between what is and what is still to come, giving us more than a shadowy glimpse of hope. We can reach out and claim His promises for us in our hearts, even if we still have a distance to go yet.

The first track, “The Name We’re Running To”, reminds us of who Jesus is in our lives and how He satisfies our deepest longings with Himself. He is the son of God who is victorious over death. Because salvation is found only in His name, we will pursue Him and Him alone.

“This Changes Everything” recognizes that nothing can ever be the same now that Jesus has destroyed death’s power over us. Initially, it seemed as though He, too, had been conquered by its finality, but He rose from the grave. And because He is alive, we can share in that life. One lyric that stands out for me is “Why do you look for the living/Among the graves”. In the middle of the celebration, it’s a valid question; why, if He is alive, have we been acting as though He is still dead? Regarding Him as the subject of a religion, rather than a living, powerful savior?

Instead of merely taking, “Pure Exaltation” expresses a desire to give Jesus what is rightfully His; our worship, love, and praise. He deserves all our praise and honor because He removed the curse we were under. We have nothing to be ashamed of, nothing to dread, all thanks to His intervention. We are new and clean in the sight of God.

“Unveil” declares the glory of God, who is more powerful than the most majestic of created things. Nothing can obscure Him, even the darkness of evil. The song asks God to remove the obscurity separating His glory from our eyes and hearts that we might see and understand Him more fully. We long for Him to make himself visible. This theme is carried over into a prayer in the next track over those in the audience, that they would be safe, courageous, full of humility and joy. Egan asks God for an outpouring of anointing on the talents God has given us, to be used in His kingdom’s work, and to show everyone God’s glory.

In “What You Said”, God’s promises are recalled and contrasted with trying circumstances. We must remember His goodness, mercy, and faithfulness if we are to make it out with our faith intact. Distance and time are irrelevant. If we truly believe that nothing can negate His promises, we must proclaim His word aloud.

“Be Strong”, while awaiting God’s rescue, speaks words of encouragement, assuring us that His arrival is imminent, and His victory swift, certain, and complete. When our breakthrough arrives, we can testify to His faithfulness. He is our salvation, our joy, our foundation, our strength.

Following a short introduction in which it is noted that David’s music chased evil from Saul’s presence, “Glorify” invites Jesus to bring Himself glory with grand gestures and subtle nuances alike. Egan also reminds us that our liberty and victories serve the greater purpose of bringing Jesus glory. He is willing to do anything, even if it’s embarrassing, for Jesus.

“Everlasting Joy” tells the story of a hopeless heart receiving the overflowing joy of the Lord. When we were too far away to reach Him, He reached for us instead. Though weary and weighed down, we have unlimited access to His antidote. I love the cheerfulness of this song – just listening to it makes me happier.

“Open The Gates” welcomes an overwhelming outpouring of His glory, offering praise in exchange for presence. As wondrous as His manifestations have been in the past, there’s even greater things in our future. Energy and enthusiasm from the previous track seems to overflow into this one.

“Nehemiah (Stand Strong)” invokes the story of the rebuilding of Jerusalem’s wall as a metaphor for dedication to any work God has called us to complete, no matter the cost. What seems like an impossible task, unpopular, and fruitless, is worth any price if it is His perfect will. We must remain standing, certain of His calling.

Egan closes with “The Table (Love’s Invitation)”, a picture of salvation. Upon accepting His offer, we take our place at the table, an adopted, beloved child of God. Our debts are canceled, our sins forgiven. It is a gift we cannot earn, yet cannot afford to refuse. References from Psalm 23 and the story of the prodigal son are included to illustrate the benefits of enjoying communion with Christ.

Though we may not be able to see a long way down the road, God assures us that something wonderful awaits us. When we take steps of faith, confidently declaring His promises are true, it strengthens our hearts, enabling us to go farther and accomplish more for His kingdom. Throughout the album, Jon Egan’s message is one of courage, worship, faith, and victory. Unveil petitions God to grant us clarity and vision to win the war against doubt and fear.


Released: March 29, 2019

Label: Integrity Music

Track Listing:

  1. The Name We’re Running To (Live) (5:46)
  2. This Changes Everything (Live) (4:01)
  3. Pure Exaltation (Live) (5:50)
  4. Unveil (Live) (6:14)
  5. Unveil (Spontaneous) [Live] (5:02)
  6. What You Said (Live) (6:48)
  7. Be Strong (Live) (6:15)
  8. Glorify (Prelude) [Live] (2:04)
  9. Glorify (Live) (6:23)
  10. Everlasting Joy (Live) (4:11)
  11. Open the Gates (Live) (4:07)
  12. Nehemiah (Stand Strong) [Live] (4:28)
  13. The Table (Love’s Invitation) [Live] (6:58)

13 Tracks, 68:00

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