Written by: Laura Chambers (October 25, 2018)

The suffering we experience in the difficult seasons of life only become worse when we live under the misconception that we ought to hide our pain in public so nobody will think of us as anything less than perfect. What sweet relief comes when we are freed to share the load with each other and God. What rest we find in praising Him in the midst of trouble. Just as people welcome those who are caught in the middle of inclement weather to take shelter with them, God invites us to rest in His presence. With their debut EP, A Resting Place, fellow refuge-takers Ben and Noelle Kilgore stand by the door, holding it open and beckoning to the weary and hurting.

“Grace Grace” gives God’s grace the credit for the favor we are shown. Not a thing we could do or place we could go would be able to change His love for us. David Leonard, who co-wrote all the album’s songs with the Kilgores, also contributes vocals. The song is a tempo sandwich, with slow bread and a fast filling.

“He Made Me, He Loves Me” resolves with quiet assurance that the seeming absence or silence of God is only an illusion; He has created us and continues to love us, in spite of or perhaps because He knows all the details of our lives. He hears our prayers and will answer them. We can know we’ll see Him eventually. The percussion interlude seems to suggest the beating of hearts, His love for us, perhaps.

The beautiful hymn “Abiding” makes a statement of unwavering faith whatever life may bring, because Christ walks alongside of us regardless of circumstances. The track places an emphasis on the vocals, and thereby the message, as the Kilgores’ voices are accompanied in a way that frames rather than decorates.

“Oh My Soul” recounts hearing Jesus extend an offer of comfort and sustenance, rest and life, to us. What a difference there is between our “before” and “after” countenances when we accept His invitation. In Jesus, we have a place to take refuge and find joy. Once again, the couple’s vocals take center stage.

Praising all three members of the Trinity, “Love Conquers All” proclaims that nobody and nothing can defy the love of God, not even our own stubborn, prideful souls. I kind of feel like I came in somewhere in the middle of this song.

“Draw Me Close” petitions God to bring us closer to Him, promising not to be the one to sever the connection. We can trust Him because of His spotless track record of faithfulness. If you’re not careful, the calm atmosphere this song creates might lull you to sleep. But really, I can’t think of a better prayer to nod off with on my lips.

Ben and Noelle Kilgore remind us that the promises of God have just as much power to soothe as they do to conquer. A Resting Place allows us to find comfort in His arms for a moment so that we can be refreshed for the coming storms.

Rating:  4.5/5

Released: October 26, 2018

Label: The Creek Music

Track Listing:

  1. Grace Grace (feat. David Leonard) (4:37)
  2. He Made Me, He Loves Me (4:35)
  3. Abiding (3:22)
  4. Oh My Soul (5:43)
  5. Love Conquers All (4:11)
  6. Draw Me Close (3:40)

6 Tracks, 26:00

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