Written by: Laura Chambers (3/8/2017)

There’s no greater goal musicians can aspire to than bringing people into the presence of God, with an awareness of His greatness. North Carolina’s Daystar Worship strives to this end, bringing the message of Christ in song with Light Will Find.

“Let Your Glory Shine” celebrates the light emanating from God’s presence and filtered through us. We are to express this in such a way that all realize the truth of it. There are some awkward phrasings and switching back and forth from describing God as “He” and “You”, but it’s still an okay song. “Nothing Compares” delves into more intimate territory, finding no comparison between God and any other experience. Desiring to glorify and worship a faithful, loving God, who takes command and brings peace, this thankful track never quite arrives where it intends to.

“Light Will Find” is part one of a two-track story, focusing in on God’s creative and redemptive power. Just as light illuminated creation, so He gives illumination to the hidden things in our hearts and the secret things of His glory. The bridge elevates this song from simple statements to the triumphant truth of His dominion. “Light Has Found” continues the duology in a more hushed tone, as though having come out from the surrounding crowd away to a hidden cavern where the worship is lonelier but no less devoted.

Light Will Find feels like the first tentative steps out from behind one’s door, daring to share a message with the world. Daystar Worship’s not quite there yet, but they’re off to a moderate start.


Released: March 31, 2017

Label: Daystar Worship

Track Listing:

  1. Let Your Glory Shine (4:38)
  2. Nothing Compares (6:01)
  3. Light Will Find (6:23)
  4. Light Has Found (3:43)

4 Tracks, 25:45

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