Written by: Laura Chambers (September 21, 2017)

What makes a star stand out against the stark blackness of a cold night sky? Its light. What calls attention to a colorful flower that has managed to take root in a patch of straggly weeds? Its beauty. So it is with the message of the gospel; in the midst of a dark, ugly, hopeless world, it stands alone, a vibrant beacon that shines with His glory.

Our task then is to proclaim the message we have received. Higher Vision polishes up their mirrors and reflects the hope Christ offers to His followers and skeptics alike with their debut album. For Your Kingdom becomes a mission statement, our reason for everything we do; His glory, His honor.

“Higher” commences with a joyful declaration of the unequaled name of Jesus, raising Him to new heights. His name has the power to unlock heaven for us. He brings former prisoners of death back from the edge of the grave. We will reflect the grace He has shown us. “Freedom of Your Love” responds to the release that God’s love imparts with celebration, sound and movement. His grace meets us in the darkest shadows. We discover new hope because He has assured us that we can trust His character and His love for us. “Worthy Is The Lamb” pictures the way God’s love crossed the distance between us and Him, rendering sin impotent in our lives. He is holy and reigns eternally from the throne of grace. There is no way to describe our emotions when we consider what He has done. With every repetition, the bridge becomes stronger, more insistent in declaring Jesus’ gifts to us and our devotion to Him. “Trust In You” vows to continue believing God’s word, firmly rooted in Him no matter how inundated with difficulties we become. He is above everything and He has promised us that we can count on Him. We need not fear because He’s greater than any weapon that may come against us.

“He Is Here” recognizes God’s presence and moves closer to Him. As we do, His love washes away dread and encourages us to have faith in Him. We are renewed, changed irreversibly, and unite in our pursuit of Him. “We Cry Holy” comes to the realization that none are like God. What can we possibly give to the one whose timing was impeccable, rescuing us just in time? We draw nearer and our praises float upwards like the scent of incense burned before the Lord. Before Him, lies are quieted and shackles are shattered. “Set Our Hearts” requests a fresh infusion of passion for God from God, that our faith might be more evident in us. In Jesus’ presence, our faith increases and joy fills our hearts. Despite its short lyrics, this is one of the longer songs on the album, yet it serves as a sort of intermission/refreshment time. “For Your Kingdom” paints the kingdom of God as the place where we are restored and only want to accomplish God’s will. His resurrection and our redemption both have an ultimate purpose; to bring God’s kingdom to Earth. His love will direct every move we make.

“Hands Held High” describes the purpose God has prepared for us as welling up from inside and being expressed through our lifted hands and voices. He changes us through His love, pushing fear out to make room for praises. “Hallelujah” tells the story of salvation from a personal perspective. This is probably one of the more poetic songs included, depicting the fall of man and Christ’s solution to our separation in its bridge.

 We lived in Heaven’s sound until the tree created bounds
Separation in the fall
A hope is born, He is our King Foretold
Hung on a tree He is Jesus

“Near to the Broken” goes for a more intimate feel, expressing the brokenness that seems to surround us until we look to the Lord. When we are hurting, He comes closer and embraces us. We can trust that He has a purpose for our confusion and pain. We can find what we’re looking for in His word. “Broken the Chains” ends on a note of celebration and elation, celebrating the song that is ours alone to sing- the song of the redeemed. We are released from the chains our souls were wrapped in. The lost have been rescued and the blind have sight.

For Your Kingdom lives up to its name. Every song on this album either looks toward God or calls attention to His glorious work in our lives. Higher Vision reflects faith through the lens of music with the hope that it will inspire others to trust Him as a strong, invincible Savior.


Released: October 6, 2017

Label: Higher Vision

Track Listing:

  1. [ c o n t i n u u m ] (0:37)
  2. Higher (3:41)
  3. Freedom of Your Love (4:40)
  4. Worthy is the Lamb (8:29)
  5. Trust in You (4:39)
  6. He is Here (5:44)
  7. We Cry Holy (6:19)
  8. Set Our Hearts (8:29)
  9. For Your Kingdom (4:16)
  10. Hands Held High (3:51)
  11. Hallelujah (6:45)
  12. Near to the Broken (4:21)
  13. Broken the Chains (6:11)

13 Tracks, 68:00

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