Written by: Kelly Meade (10/22/2020)

Over the past few years, the music of I Am They has reached countless lives. Their 2018 release Trial & Triumph brought the hit singles “My Feet Are On The Rock”, “No Impossible With You” and “Scars” among other faith-filled anthems. With the new album, Faithful God, listeners are given songs that remind us of and reaffirm the awesomeness of our God.

“Delivered” opens the album with a celebration of praise for God’s forgiveness, unchanging grace and truth. By choosing to believe and trust in Him, we have freedom and a love that will never let us go.

The title track, “Faithful God”, is a must listen! The lyrics affirm hope in God’s faithfulness in the midst of adversity. When we feel stuck in a waiting season or a storm that seems like it won’t end, we have to remember the times that God has provided and carried us through exactly when and how we need. Even when it’s hard and you’re praying through tears, hold on to His promises.

“Lift My Eyes” is a prayer to draw nearer to God and be held by His grace when our hearts are broken. Even at the lowest points, we can find true peace when we turn to our Savior.

Matthew West joins the band on “Found My Freedom”; a song that declares the life-changing freedom that takes over when you become a follower of Christ.

“All Along” is a personal favorite as it beautifully weaves together the promises found in Scripture to form a love song from God to us.

“I Keep Coming Back To You” closes the collection with a pleasant ballad giving honor and glory to our Heavenly Father as it recounts His steadfast goodness.

In a time when we need to shift our focus to God and our relationship with Him to give us guidance, peace and hope through a year that has brought so much change, distrust and brokenness, the songs found on Faithful God serve to help us do just that. We hear I Am They’s signature organic sound throughout as each track is performed with heart and soul. If you’re needing to be reminded that God is with you and will never fail you, definitely take the time to check this album out!


Released: October 23, 2020

Label: Provident Label Group

Track Listing:

  1. Delivered (3:11)
  2. Promises (3:03)
  3. Faithful God (3:29)
  4. The Well (2:58)
  5. Lift My Eyes (3:43)
  6. Found My Freedom (featuring Matthew West) (3:45)
  7. Salvation In Me (3:27)
  8. All Along (3:18)
  9. Holding Onto Hope (2:59)
  10. Keep Coming Back To You (3:38)

10 Tracks, 34:00

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