Written by: Kelly Meade (6/13/18)

Following the success of her self-titled EP which spawned the smash hit “Fearless”, Jasmine Murray’s highly anticipated full-length album, Fearless inspires with faith empowering anthems for our lives.

“No Other Love” celebrates the unconditional and steadfast love of God that will never let us go or fail to call us back to our Savior.

Building upon the words found in 2 Timothy 1:7 which states: “For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.”, “Fearless” boldly declares our strength and the power found in trusting the Lord and His promises as we live out our faith in our daily life. In Him we can be free from fear and doubts.

“You Belong” reminds us of our place in the world as a child of God. We all feel abandoned, alone and defeated at times, but we can find comfort and peace in the arms of our Heavenly Father.

“Vapor” tells of being so wrapped up in the busyness and stress surrounding us that we forget how short life is in the bigger picture. We are created to live fully and embrace the time we’ve been given as we set out to show His love and put our faith in action each day.

“Control” reiterates the desire to be completely surrendered to God and trust that His plans & ways are better than ours. When we encounter failure and disappointments, it can be hard to give over the control of the situation and believe that’s what is best for us, but we can have hope in the fact that God will not fail to carry us to where we are meant to be.

“Who You Love” acknowledges that it can sometimes be difficult to come to Jesus just as we are with all of our flaws on display. But, we can take heart in that He already knows every thought, every mistake and broken piece yet He loves and accepts us even then.

“Rest Of My Life” closes the album with a declaration of rededicating your life to God choosing to move ahead from the past and strive to turn away from the sins, regrets and pain that haunts us.

From start to finish, Fearless offers a message of finding hope & peace in a relationship with Christ as we believe and trust in Him. With strong, flawless vocal performances and melodies that range from entertaining and upbeat to heartfelt and poignant, Jasmine Murray’s debut brings joy to listeners while also opening hearts to the love of God.


Released: June 15, 2018

Label: Fair Trade Services

Track Listing:

  1. No Other Love (3:27)
  2. Fearless (3:03)
  3. Into Words (3:46)
  4. You Belong (3:32)
  5. Closer (3:03)
  6. Vapor (3:13)
  7. Control (3:07)
  8. Every Step (3:51)
  9. Who You Love (3:13)
  10. Rest of My Life (3:44)

10 Tracks, 34:00

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