Written by: Kelly Meade (10/04/20)

Singer/songwriter Jason Gray has been releasing the Order, Disorder, Reorder project one EP at a time starting with Order in 2019 & Disorder earlier this year. The third installment, Reorder, is available now digitally with a full-length album with songs from all three EPs coming October 23rd on CD as well as digital.

“What The Hard Times Taught Me” opens Reorder noting that when we go through difficult situations and it feels like all of our plans fall apart, those moments are often when we experience the most growth. God takes the pieces & pain and uses them to show us we can trust in His plan for our lives.

Similarly, “Glory Days” recognizes that our darkest and most broken times are often when we become the most receptive to what God is doing and lean closer to Him. Finding hope anchored in a relationship with Him gives us joy through the good days and a promise to cling to through the bad.

“Bring It All” highlights the ways God can use our insecurities, anxiety and feelings of failure to illuminate the beauty of who He created us to be as we rise to the challenges and face our fears. The biggest and most important step we can take is to truly bring every part of who we are to Him.

“Tethered” is one of the most honest and vulnerable tracks on the EP with its lyrics depicting questions and doubts that can invade our faith. When we feel miles away from God, we can never fully escape Him or His love that will break through the walls we’ve built up. The simplicity of the guitar & piano musical arrangement makes it stand out from the other songs while allowing the message to ring clear.

With every single album that Jason has released, there is at least one song that just stops me in my tracks. “Right On Time” is that song for this project. So often we wonder why something has or hasn’t happened in our lives. We struggle with sudden change, worry if we’ve missed what God has called us to or perhaps even think that He has forgotten about us all together when prayers feel unanswered and we find ourselves in a seemingly endless waiting season. It’s in these times that we have to look back at God’s faithfulness and protection that has been there throughout our lives and remember that His plans are always on time. When His hand is in it, it will never be too late or too soon.

“Every Moment Belongs” is the last song on this collection and is also the perfect way to close the 3-EP journey of Order, Disorder, Reorder as it ties together all of the emotions, lessons and overall theme for them. It reminds us that every single thing – successes, failures, indescribable joy and unbearable grief – it is all for a reason and God will never leave us alone through any of it.

Having reviewed each of the EPs in the Order, Disorder, Reorder collection, I can tell you they have definitely been some of my favorites that I’ve done over the past couple of years and every song has been played on my playlist many times since their release. God has without a doubt used the timing of these projects and I believe He will continue to use the messages within them for many years to come. While it may be a closing chapter, the Reorder EP feels less like an ending and more like a fresh start having learned & grown along the way; stepping into the future with hope that our Heavenly Father will remain faithful in His promises.


Released: October 2, 2020

Label: Centricity Music

Track Listing:

  1. What the Hard Times Taught Me (3:27)
  2. Glory Days (3:18)
  3. Bring It All (4:02)
  4. Tethered (4:05)
  5. Again And Again (3:20)
  6. Right On Time (4:10)
  7. Every Moment Belongs (3:51)

7 Tracks, 26:00

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