Mosaic MSC ‘Heaven EP’

///Mosaic MSC ‘Heaven EP’

Mosaic MSC ‘Heaven EP’

Written by: Laura Chambers (September 13, 2018)

People always talk about going to heaven someday. As believers, we don’t have to wait for a taste of glory. Mosaic MSC redefines heaven as more than a destination; rather, it is the experience of God’s kingdom on Earth as we worship and reach out to those around us. Heaven paints aural pictures of the beauty of God’s presence in and around us.

“Mercy” describes God’s love and mercy as an attractive force, even as He repels all who would rise up to challenge Him. He provides a way for us to cross the gap that stretches wide between us.

“Never Let Me Down” expresses determination to trust God because He has not failed and never will. He comes to us as we are and clutches us in His hands, unwilling to abandon us. We may not know what will happen next, but we don’t have to if we have faith.

“Engraved” praises God for fulfilling His promises of old. He has etched our names into the blank spaces so that we too can partake of all He has declared He will do. The song is chorus-driven, a simple expression of worship for a God who includes us in His plan.

“Maker Of The Heavens” wonders at the sacrifice Jesus made for us; His freedom in order that we might know Him. Our response is worship and gratitude. We can see His love in the skies and all around us. There’s a part at the beginning and end that’s kind of neat where there’s a breath of sound in one ear that moves to the other, as though a wind is blowing around the listener.

In breathy tones, “Eyes On You” focuses on God as the sole object of desire and worship. No one compares to Him, or is as capable of knowing us as completely.

“Voice Memo (Heaven On Earth)” is preserved in a less polished format, transporting us to a jam session of sorts, proving that the purity of worship is not proportional to its production level. This heartfelt love song to God rings true precisely because of its sound. When we’re in the presence of God, heaven comes to Earth.

Rhythmic and confident, “15” confesses to spiraling into chaos, untethered to God and unable to hear Him. Yet we still belong to Him in spite of our failings, and He will continue to pursue us wherever we go.

Heaven‘s sincere blend of praise and joy creates a link between our realm and His. Mosaic MSC’s music offers worship to God and hope to mankind.


Released: September 14, 2018

Label: Provident Label Group

Track Listing:

  1. Mercy (3:52)
  2. Never Let Me Down (3:56)
  3. Engraved (3:16)
  4. Maker of the Heavens (4:13)
  5. Eyes on You (3:56)
  6. Voice Memo (Heaven on Earth) (3:24)
  7. 15 (4:04)

7 Tracks, 26:00

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