Written by: Kelly Meade (7/20/18)

I had the pleasure of reviewing Pat Barrett’s EP release earlier this year. That 4-song set left me wanting to hear more from this talented singer/songwriter and I’m grateful to have the opportunity to review the full album as well. In addition to the songs featured on the EP, the self-titled album treats listeners to 8 more tracks that capture the love, grace and faithfulness of our Savior.

The first track, also one that stuck out to me the most, “Into Faith I Go” sets the tone for the album with a timely and encouraging message of navigating the unknown head-on trusting that God will guide your steps and open needed doors as well as show His goodness & comfort during the darkest times. The lyric “faith is not some fragile thing that shatters when we walk through something hard” serves as a reminder that a firm faith in our Heavenly Father is greater than any fear, doubt or trial we face.

With a wildly successful radio run, “The Way (New Horizon)” declares a bold faith and belief in Christ and His Word trusting Him with every aspect of your life through every season. When our focus is firmly set on Jesus, we will see His grace and mercy in more ways than we can imagine.

“My Hallelujah” praises God for His goodness, declaring a life-long surrender and vow to follow Him.

“Hymn Of The Holy Spirit” is a prayer for continued guidance from a heart ready and willing to not only listen but also follow the direction of the Holy Spirit as it leads them throughout their life.

“Sparrows And Lilies” builds on the foundation of the words in Matthew 6:26-29 where we are reminded that worrying doesn’t change circumstances and that our Lord is more than able to provide all that we need because He cares for us.

As it did with the EP, “Sails”, featuring Steffany Gretzinger & Amanda Cook, closes with a song of surrender acknowledging that it can be difficult to be completely transparent and honest with anyone, even when we come to God in prayer. We can find peace in the fact that He already knows our deepest thoughts & has been with us through all the highs and lows. In Him we have freedom from our past mistakes & anything that tries to weigh us down when we allow Him to be the wind in our sails, so to speak, and give Him control as He guides us on our journey.

With powerful vocals, pleasant melodies, a solid message grounded in biblical principles and lyrics that both inspire and challenge our faith, Pat Barrett is an album that will be a welcome addition to everyone’s collection.


Released: July 20, 2018

Label: Bowyer & Bow / Capitol CMG

Track Listing:

  1. Into Faith I Go (4:34)
  2. God Is So Good (You Are Worthy) (7:57)
  3. The Way (New Horizon) (4:19)*
  4. Everything Is Sacred (3:48)
  5. Better (4:57)*
  6. My Hallelujah (6:24)
  7. Be Still My Soul (3:43)
  8. Build My Life (4:05)*
  9. Hymn Of The Holy Spirit (5:09)
  10. Sparrows and Lilies (3:34)
  11. Sing To The Lord (Banner) (7:54)
  12. Sails (Feat. Stefanny Gretzinger & Amanda Cook) (5:24)*

12 Tracks, 61:41

*Previously Released on Pat Barrett EP (3/30/18)

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