Red Rocks Worship ‘Here’

///Red Rocks Worship ‘Here’

Red Rocks Worship ‘Here’

Written by: Laura Chambers (9/24/2017)

It’s a misconception slightly younger than the hills (I say this because they were created before man.); we must ascend to reach God. As if man could possibly stretch his hand far enough or climb high enough. What a miracle that God took it upon Himself to close the distance, to come down and find us. In the person of Jesus Christ, He took our sins upon Himself, rising to conquer them, with the promise of His Spirit to live within us. Here is a celebration of the indwelling and ever-descending presence of God. Red Rocks Worship looks eagerly to the heavens, appealing for the Spirit to fall on us and stir our hearts.

“Fill This Place” reverently invites God’s spirit to take up every empty corner of the room, every unoccupied area in our hearts, bringing illumination, expectation, serenity and passion. Buoyed by a drumbeat that moves back and forth between a march and a pulse, this song is both adoring and petitioning. “Heaven Is Here” depicts the way God inspires surrender and bestows freedom upon us. When we’re in His presence, it is a visitation from heaven. We become as children, cared and provided for by a loving father.  Invoking God’s creative power and redeeming love, “Nobody Like You” proclaims that none are or will ever be equal to Him. RRW takes a chorus which might have seemed too simplistic or repetitive in the wrong hands and makes it work. “Always And Only” tenderly declares that everything that we have longed for or required can be found in Jesus alone. We are restored through the scourging of the only innocent one who has ever lived.

“Right Here Right Now” begins the moment God has finally captured the awareness of His people, asking Him to remove anything which might take the focus off of Him. Instead of waiting, we bring Him our praises here in this moment. Let everything separating us be destroyed; we can wait no longer. “How Beautiful Your Grace” rejoices that the gift of God’s love is not dependent upon our actions. He gives it freely even when we fail, run away, or struggle. His grace is truly something to marvel at. “Not Afraid” confidently denies fear a place because God always does what He promises to do. If we’ve seen Him come through for us even once, we know that He will always do so. In Christ we already have the victory; it’s just a matter of us coming forward by faith to receive it. We can say with certainty what the outcome of our circumstances will be. “Come Taste And See” welcomes all to find sustenance in the Lord, speaking from one’s own experience of having found forgiveness and goodness in Him. All it takes is one encounter with God to know His character. We never leave His presence unchanged.

Empty vessels cry out to be filled in “Overflow”, believing that God meant what He said when He promised that He was not finished with us. God’s Spirit pours over the sides of our hearts when we allow Him to enter. He will always make a way for us in every circumstance. “I Am Home” describes a feeling of belonging where God is, when we realize how much He loves us. He lifted our shame from us and replaced it with a song of joy and relief. This track has a bit more of a pop sensibility to it than the others. “Your Love Changes Everything” concludes on a joyful note, the story of the crucifixion and resurrection framing a chorus which welcomes everyone to enter His presence and be transformed by His love as everything else has. Going forward, we can lay aside our fear of the dark because Jesus is holding on to us.

When we are surrounded by the love of God and filled with His Spirit, He gives us the power to fling off our fears like a heavy cloak and wrap ourselves in His love and strength. We don’t have to go anywhere else to find Him, for He is already Here. Red Rocks Worship throws open every door, window, and secret compartment to make more room for God’s spirit to occupy within and without; nothing is held back from Him.


Released: September 22, 2017

Label: Provident Label Group LLC

Track Listing:

  1. Fill This Place (Live) (5:52)
  2. Heaven Is Here (Live) (4:16)
  3. Nobody Like You (Live) (7:22)
  4. Always and Only (Live) (6:27)
  5. Right Here, Right Now (Live) (4:49)
  6. How Beautiful Your Grace (Live) (4:25)
  7. Not Afraid (Live) (4:31)
  8. Come Taste and See (Live) (6:58)
  9. Overflow (Live) (4:18)
  10. I Am Home (Live) (4:03)
  11. Love Changes Everything (Live) (5:58)

11 Tracks, 59:00

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