Music News: Lacey Sturm Releases “State Of Me” Globally

LACEY STURM RELEASES “STATE OF ME” GLOBALLY Written With Skillet, Single From Upcoming Album Extends An Aggressive, Musically Violent Lifeline SiriusXM Octane Adds Single, Loudwire Features Video Making history as the first female solo artist to top the Hard Rock Albums chart with her five-star acclaimed Life Screams (2016), Lacey Sturm returns [...]

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Blog – When Is It Time To Hang It Up: Revisited (2018)

When we launched Today’s Christian Entertainment (TCE) back in January 2016, I had written an article looking at some bands that had made some significant changes, more specific – in the front (wo)man department. I got a lot of feedback about the article, mostly good. But there were some, naturally, that disagreed with my take [...]

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Kat & Jared ‘Self-Titled EP’

Written by: Abby Baracskai (2/4/2017) Before I even get into critiquing the music, can I just say how adorable these two are? Like, how sweet is it to be making music with your beloved significant other? And how about those photos? Don’t they look just so in love with each [...]

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Book News: Lacey Sturm Announces “The Mystery: Finding True Love In A World Of Broken Lovers”

Lacey Sturm Announces "The Mystery: Finding True Love In A World Of Broken Lovers," Releasing October 4 Former Flyleaf lead singer touring in support of debut solo album Life Screams Nashville, Tenn. (August 18, 2016) — Following the 2014 release of Lacey Sturm's widely praised debut book, "The Reason", Sturm has announced [...]

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Lacey Sturm ‘Life Screams’

Written by: Abby Baracskai (2/7/2016) Headphones in, music filling my ears and the world begins to fade into the background. Finally, back into the groove of reviewing albums and picking apart the meaning of songs. And what better album to start with than one from none other than former Flyleaf vocalist [...]

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Blog “When Is It Time To Hang It Up?”

Losing a vital or founding member of any band begs the question, “When is it time to retire the band?” Let’s look at the groups who have made changes and how it’s worked out for them and one that is still somewhat undetermined. The Newsboys Perhaps one [...]

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