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Chris Tomlin & Friends ‘Summer EP’

Written by: Kelly Meade (06/29/21) Following the success of last year's Chris Tomlin & Friends collaboration album, Chris Tomlin returns with the Summer EP featuring three all-new tracks as well as two that were previously released on the full-length 2020 album. For this collection Chris is joined by several [...]

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Winona Drive ‘Self-Titled’

Written by: Cara Bausch (6/21/2021) “If they’ve fallen apart, if they’re looking for change, if they’re looking for hope…” After the past year, it wouldn’t be unrealistic to say that most of us fall into one of these categories. Indiana-based pop duo Winona Avenue wrote its encouraging debut album [...]

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Phil Wickham ‘Hymn of Heaven’

Written by: Abby Thigpen (6/24/2021) I’m not usually one who likes to listen to contemporary worship music but for some reason Phil Wickham always hits the sweet spot for me. Maybe it’s the catchy tunes or possibly the truth filled lyrics, but whatever he’s doing just plain works. So [...]

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Ellie Holcomb ‘Canyon’

Written by: Jon Fisher (06/17/2021) Emerging from the unwanted cocoon of the pandemic, we are all looking for light and hope. Fortunately, Ellie Holcomb’s third studio album Canyon is a welcome arrival into a dispirited world. Truly the freshest subgenres in Christian music right now are hip-hop and Americana, and [...]

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Ryan Stevenson ‘Wildest Dreams’

Written by: Kelly Meade (06/05/2020) Singer/songwriter Ryan Stevenson has touched many lives the past few years with hits like "Eye of The Storm", "No Matter What" and "The Gospel". His latest release, Wildest Dreams, further solidifies Ryan's place in contemporary Christian music with a collection of songs that inspire [...]

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Matthew West ‘Brand New’

Written by: Kelly Meade (02/11/20) Matthew West is a fan favorite in Christian music with his upbeat attitude, positive, faith filled anthems as well as deep, heartfelt ballads. The highly anticipated release of his latest album, Brand New, does not disappoint. After a short intro featuring a chorus of [...]

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Tauren Wells ‘Citizen Of Heaven’

Written by: Kelly Meade (01/20/2020) After the highly successful and critically acclaimed debut of Hills and Valleys in 2017, Tauren Wells returns with his anticipated sophomore album, Citizen Of Heaven. The album's title track, "Citizen of Heaven", sets the tone with a rhythmic declaration that our identity is found [...]

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