Written by: Laura Chambers (8/16/2017)

Who can we really count on consistently? Our friends fail us in spite of themselves, the authorities can’t always answer our cries in time. We can’t even rely on our own abilities or charisma to pull us out of trouble, as much as we might believe to the contrary. Ultimately, we all face the problem of sin and death, for which only one solution presents Himself. The Rock Worship’s God Of Our Salvation focuses on the rescue God has afforded us by sending His son Jesus to die for our sins, as well as His miraculous ability to pluck us from the midst of danger when we call upon His name.

“Lift Up The Name” urges believers to praise God’s name, motivated by our love for Him and a recognition that it’s powerful. Written in 1997, its simple formula is straightforward and unadorned with fancy wording, yet manages not to seem as repetitive as it is. “Children Arise” calls God’s children to take up His cause, assured that sin’s death blow has been struck and we need only fight in His strength until He returns. We shall not fret because we know we’re where He wants us to be. Our role is to continuously praise Him. “I Trust You God” determines to do so, secure in the knowledge that He walks next to us throughout our crises of faith. Recalling His love helps us to navigate whatever we must, because we trust that He allows all things for our good.

The title track, “God Of Our Salvation” reminds us that although we may be surrounded by darkness, that only serves to make the light of God brighter in comparison. Whereas before we longed for hope, now we illuminate the world with the light He has shone for us. He is close by always, so we have no reason to doubt or dread anything in His company. “My Rock & My Fortress” declares that God will always be the first one we look to for help and draw comfort from. He is the strong foundation and the place of refuge from the attacks we face from within and without. We can endure anything we face in Christ. “Restore” marches out of the valley, triumphantly vowing to reclaim everything that has been snatched away from us or destroyed by the darkness. Everything God has promised to us is to be desired, since He only means the best for us.

“Great Is Thy Faithfulness” takes the hymn‘s chorus and adds verses that depict a God who has been involved in our lives from the beginning and continues to have an active role. Whether forgiving our sins, or bringing joy to each day, or leading us down the narrow road, He remains faithful at all times. “One Word From God” emphasizes the power God can unleash with a single word of hope. In the blink of an eye, our lives are forever altered. We crave the words He speaks, aware of their impact, and seek to follow what He commands. Life, joy, and healing flow from His heart to ours, bringing hope for our futures. “Nothing Compares” recognizes that there’s nothing like God’s love, which moves Him to carry us when we are frail and exhausted. Only He satisfies us with love when we come to Him, making more of Him irresistible. “We Honor You Lord” concludes with imagery from the end of days, when we behold God’s glory and praise Him with untold numbers of saints, declaring His glory and drinking in His beauty. Easily the best song on the album, despite having a single verse and chorus.

The Rock Worship remains certain that the Lord will never fail to keep His promises through good times and bad. God Of Our Salvation expresses thanksgiving for the incredible gift God has given us and praise for the God He continues to be from the beginning to the end.


Released: September 8, 2017

Label: Dream Worship

Track Listing:

  1. Lift Up the Name (4:42)
  2. Children Arise (5:24)
  3. I Trust You God (5:53)
  4. God of Our Salvation (4:09)
  5. My Rock & My Fortress (4:49)
  6. Restore (4:28)
  7. Great Is Thy Faithfulness (5:45)
  8. One Word From God (4:57)
  9. Nothing Compares (4:17)
  10. We Honor You Lord (5:22)

10 Tracks, 50:00

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